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Found 8 results

  1. Seph Kerr 813

    Cars usefulness and use.

    Cars are cool but have vary little use in game at this time. There are two things that could change this and shouldn't be to difficult to implement. 1) Make it so players could claim one car, and summon/desummon it just like a ship. 2) Make a small percentage of maps be one missive island so cars are useful.
  2. This thought just occurred to me, so I thought I'd suggest it. A corrupted biome. Picture the scene, if you will. A dark colored island in a state of perpetual darkness due to the shroud of dark mist surrounding it. Teeming with hostile corrupted creatures. Maybe even some mutated horrors. Throw in some dark, maybe corrupted flora and perhaps a dark stone-variant, and you've got yourself a party. A deadly party, but still a party.
  3. Hi! I was at the green island, then I died and after this I was reborn at the sandy island. I don't have a boat, instruments. I have nothing! And I dont know how to play farther. Please, help me, because I spent 12 hours at this game, I love it, but now I can't play at all!
  4. Hi guys, I've noticed that a lot of maps I've been playing on recently have the ores and monumants the island is supposed to have, but no island itself. I took a few screenshots after crafting a propeller pack. I've tried logging, we've restarted the server, etc. It's a bit off putting because it's mainly the further islands, and a lot of progress has already been made by the group on the starter ones. output_log_clean.txt
  5. I took a couple of snapshots of being able to visibly see the square surrounding the desert island that designates where the max size, render distance limit, or something of the island is. It was on a desert biome, I've been to one before and it hasn't shown. This was on multiplayer, but only the host and I were on when it happened (he was afk on the starter island). I haven't tried to move back out to sea yet, as I was about to get off anyway, so I don;t know if it will have any effect on trying to leave. output_log.txt output_log_clean.txt
  6. Seraphs Revenge

    Yland Starting Island

    Hi guys, I've had quite the time trying to not only find islands (sometimes up to or exceeding an hour), but then caves on them and sulfur in those caves. I've started a bunch of different maps, and I've played on a few of the servers. Today I found probably the best starting island to date; it has deep caves with multiple entrances, gold and sulfur veins (first that I've seen of either) almost near the surface, the brick building with cannonballs and flintlocks (as seen in the picture, I believe the gold/copper vein can be seen in the distance), every type of tree imaginable, etc. Is there a way I can find the seed that generated this map, and then share it with the community? I've only had Ylands for a few days so I'm not sure it is even possible to enter in a specific seed.
  7. When interacting with the Large Ship ship ladder, I was teleported into the sky. All you could see was white and my characters head. I was then placed on a random island, on top of a bush. I still had all items and nothing else seemed to change. output_log.txt output_log_clean.txt