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Found 80 results

  1. Every time friends and I start playing in a multiplayer europe server, the next day we log in everything is gone? Why is this? why are the servers constantly reset? in this way you cant make progress?
  2. After I played in MP Public Server about a week now, I have encounter several issues (Game Version: I'm really sorry if my words is harsh and spelled wrong, I'm still in rage mode ON when I post this thread. Let me honestly explain/summary one by one. First there is several issues with the current Protective Barrier (PB). 1. Anyone who don't have claim of Protective Barrier able to dig/pour soil in someone's PB. In this case my friend @YadNiMonde experience this issue. (Very Critical) 2. Anyone can build chest/furniture inside someone's Protective Barrier. In this case I tried myself, actually I was attempting to protect @YadNiMonde house because he forgot to lock the door and have 2nd floor able to climb by anyone who jumping from trees to 2nd floor. I put chests to block the doors and stairs lead to 2nd floor. (Moderately Critical) (Note: I did like above picture before, griefer ruin YadNi's house.) 3. Anyone can lock anything (that can be lock) inside someone's PB. This issue potentially can be subject for griefers to piss off someone. (Very Critical) 4. PB should have setting if you wanna share your claim to someone, shutting down the barrier is bad idea for sharing claim. (Optional) 5. Any plants (ex. Orchid, berries, cotton, Trees not included) inside Protective Barrier is simply not safe. Anyone can still pick up those plants. So you can't make beautiful garden outside your house. (Critical) 6. Player that remove their character history in the server should make their Protective Barrier decay/gone. I honestly didn't try this (I avoid to be one of the griefer). But this point can be subject of the griefer if they're able to get multiple PB by removing their character history. (Moderately Critical) I think that's all for Protective Barrier issues, that I encounter. Moving next to personal issue (Client side issue). Basically this issues can be fixed by restart/relogin and consciousness of yourself. 1. Exploiting soil see-through. Able to see through soil is huge problem in PVP Server. In this case, I did myself and found someone (won't call his name) who desperately hiding inside the cave. (Whoever this guy in the picture, I know your feeling buddy. I didn't kill or take your stuff, I left the sign message for you there. ) (Moderately Critical) 2. This is bug that I encounter myself, you can open basically any chest that generated by server with Key Chain ( I'm desperately carry 30+ keys in my Key Chain). I'm able to unlock MK 1 armor chest at the tower with my Key Chain, even I didn't have first key at sunken sphere. And I'm also able to unlock Pirate Chest (which has old coins and musket) with my Key Chain without actually getting the Pirate Chest real key. (Critical) 3. Able to glitch character through the ground with rope ladder(and any other ladders maybe). I honestly found the rope ladder being placed by someone. Since I already have propeller pack on my back, glitching through the ground is not a biggy for me. I can simply fly to anywhere and glitch through on top of the ground or inside the cave again. (Critical) 4. Ship being blackout without anything on it for certain condition, only the hull is visible with really black color. I encounter this bug when I'm flying around island to get map data, and then back to my ship. This problem can be fixed if you relogin. (Moderately Critical) 5. Inventory item in some cases, will be duplicated. I honestly don't know how this happen, but I got 2 herb bags with exact amount and the same herb I have in other herb bag. And I got stone block that duplicated at another time. (Moderately Critical) 6. Sharks on the land seems still be problem for you, Devs. Even though they're not that much. Here is the picture. I think it happen when your screen generate yland. (Moderately Critical) 7. Blocks overlap each other, this issue happen when you click too fast when building using continuous feature. Basically the blocks will overlap each other at the same place. (Moderately Critical) I think thats all I have. I'll surely update this thread if I forgot something. My most concern is about PB, even with PB placed I'm not feeling safe playing in MP Public Server with those re*ards griefer. At current state, multiplayer is playable, but most of the time you'll never have "positive fun" at the end. Currently I will stop playing MP Public server until the PB issues being fixed. I'll summon devs that I know, @Aleš Ulm, @Khanecz, @Ane. I'm sorry, I have to summon you guys, just to let you know. (Note: All of the pictures above is taken from Public Multiplayer Server (Official Server). My message to all of the griefer out there, I warn you to NOT do what I was said above! You simply ruin someone's experience! If you wanna get "real fun" in the game, simply don't be an *ssh*le. Bonus picture: "I made complete public starter camp with basic stations near generated blacksmith on the spawn island, so newcomer can progress little bit faster. But someone who re*ard enough, place the PB on it. Maybe I'm just too kind to those people, I'll surely never do that again. OR Maybe someone generous enough to let his only PB placed to protect it."
  3. I love Ylands. Its a great game. However the multiplayer needs serious fixing. Firstly, at the moment we have protective barriers which are great however they need to also stop others placing dirt, digging, planting etc... I started a new multiplayer map and spent a while making a nice house inside the protective barrier. Although people can't directly destroy the house, they can place dirt and plant trees. When I returned to my house it was covered in dirt which was obviously very annoying. The protective barriers need to stop others from also placing and removing the earth. Second. I locked the door to my house and also locked two of the important chests just in case. No one should be able to take my stuff inside the locked house. However, when I returned the chests which weren't locked were all looted. I believe this is because people can look through the windows (and maybe walls) in first person and interact with things inside the house even though they are outside. This also must be fixed. Lastly, I don't mind people attacking others since that is kinda part of the game but the combat mechanics in multiplayer make it very hard to hit others. When you click to attack, most times you end up hitting the ground even though they are right next to you. This means its very hard to defend your base as people can just run around you, and then cover your house with dirt . Which brings me to another point. When you do finally kill someone there needs to be a penalty of some kind. It's impossible to stop someone if they can forever respawn and keep coming back. These are my suggestions. Feel free to give feedback, Desolation
  4. Hello, so after the game updated, I decide to try MP server, everything was fine at the beginning (I'm playing on Official Server Explore PA 17). And just about 10 mins ago, I decide to explore a bit futher to polar biome. Planning to go to the cave, I put unnecessary stuff on my ship. I tried to put down the herbs bag, it placed just fine. Then when I put my seed box on my ship with V, it instantly gone poof. At that moment is at night, and my character feels freezing, so I decide to make fireplace on top of my ship under platfrom. Then same thing happen like seed box, the fireplaces I made is instantly gone poof. So I'm quickly decide to relog, everything works fine until loading. Now I'm stuck at Raising Ocean 0.0%. Here is Output logs Output logs after item gone poof.rar Output logs after loading stuck - raising ocean 0%.rar
  5. Hi, I was playing some multiplayer ylands and I just got stuck in the middle of nowhere. I couldn't do anything. Unstuck command doesn't work. I had to relog, which is a pain, because it takes like 2 minutes to load into the world. Thanks output_log.txt output_log_clean.txt
  6. So for about 30 hours of gameplay I have been hosting a server for my friend and I. We've had no connectivity problems in the past but now whenever he tries to load into the game he gets stuck where it says "Recalling Buildings" in the loading screen.. He is able to join other games just fine. Anyone have any tips? We've tried resetting our internets, game, and steam app. Not sure what the problem is..
  7. Seraphs Revenge


    Hi guys, can you please switch protocols to udp, as there's tons of issues with tcp in any multiplayer game. I've literally watched myself and others be dos'ed again and again on dedicated via the monitor over the tcp handshake. No multiplayer games use tcp because of issues like these, a few lost packets is no big deal. Also, I posted a few hints about entity disposal in the Unity C# api last month for your benefit, and I never got a response? It's a major issue that results in a crazy amount of lag, if the object super classes have been set up properly it shouldn't be hard to differentiate between free placed/pre-generated objects and dropped (player or newly generated) objects. Which would clear up a lot of the lag from too many entities.
  8. currently having some issues with hosting / playing with friends. Fantastic game and wanting to experience it with friends online. There is an error message saying "Host Unreachable" or the loading will be stick on "1000%". Any Ideas or suggestions? Thanks
  9. My friends and I were playing on a world hosted by my computer, after about 6 hours of playing he starts to lag and gets disconnected, when he tries to reconnect he gets the message 'Host Unreachable'. Any help/fixes welcome and i am also wondering about servers that can be hosted by a computer.
  10. Hi, I was playing with my friend in multiplayer. I got kind of lost and when I found our ship, It was completely bugged (see screenshots). I tried to run on the ship and got stuck. When I tried to write the unstuck command, my game got frozen in chat and then crashed completely. It only happened to me, my friend (as the host) saw the ship normally. Thanks. 2017-12-29_194208.zip output_log.txt output_log_clean.txt
  11. Hey, I came across a weird issue. When I am connected to my friend's server and I walk around a large ship, I get teleported all over the place (even off the ship). I tried to capture the problem on a video.
  12. I'm gonna cut right to the chase. A few days ago me and a buddy played for about 2-3 hours then he started having some problems. Every item he placed was invisible for him, although I could see it just fine. When he reconnected he saw it, but new items he placed were still invisible. I was the host and had no problems. Yesterday I joined his server that he had been playing on for a couple of guys. It started off fine but after a few hours every item I tried to place was invisible for me. The host could see them and a reconnect fixed it until I placed something else. I attached the logs as requested on the Steam forum. Haven't played since we encountered this issue so the relevant info should be at the bottom of the logs(I assume). Thanks. output_log.txt output_log_clean.txt
  13. Hi, I just bought the game with 2 friends of mine but whenever ı tried to create multiplayer room they cant enter or it says "Host unable to reach" When they create room ı keep waiting in loading screen like 10 min but still cant enter. Can you help me with that problem we realy want to play this game. Now ı heard ı had to upload this two log files to quick fix here you go: output_log.txt output_log_clean.txt
  14. Hey, I was wondering where we are able to download the dedicated server from? Thanks in advance.
  15. Helldogz

    Multiplayer now/future

    I'm planning to buy Ylands but have some questions I was not able to find adequate answers till now. Till its fun to explore and create things, it's always a special favour to share with others wich leads me to my following questions: How is the current design of the multiplayer or is there multiplayer at the moment? If there is a Multiplayer: Can you play on official servers, dedicated or rent your own at the moment? If not there isn't: Will you be able to rent own servers in future?
  16. Hello! I have been experiencing this problem since the Steam launch where I get stuck on the loading screen on specific Explore servers. Sometimes the revolving loading bar at the bottom of the screen appears, but quickly disappears leaving only the flavor text at the top of the screen cycling continuously. No amount of time spent on this screen seems to have any progress in regards to actually getting onto the server. This has happened to me quite a few times, and on different official servers as well. I have attached my most recent output logs in hopes that it could be of help in resolving this issue. output_log.txt output_log_clean.txt
  17. Me and a friend were trying to connect to each others games, and each ran into the same problem. We would get stuck at " YOUR Y-LAND IS BEING LOADED - DOWNLOADING GAME DATA FROM SERVER - (100%) " The game would continue to cycle through the "Scaring Tourists, etc." but that's all. We also each had to end process to exit the game. A screen shot is included.
  18. Sorry if my English not quite good enough. It happen when we (about 4 players) build a ship not just a small ship , large ship too. And we all sail together.But it happen when other players log out and stay in a ship ,We sail back to home when they didn't log in to server and when they want to come in to server , it's alway Freeze and crash the game, also broke my direct3D (i don't know it happen because my pc or the game) So i must restart my pc and start the game over and over (about 10 times) , but it's in the same way "Crash" . I don't know what's a problem but i think it happen when player's model and player's that log out in last time position dosen't in a same position such as , Player A logout while he stay in a ship (in a location far away from home) . Then, Player B (host) sail back to home . When Player A log in back to server. Host go crash. Please fix this bug . i don't wanna create another server again T_T (It's happen only player who stay in a ship)
  19. After today's update "Joinable" is stuck on "no". Cannot make games multiplayer, even new ones. Please advise. output_log.txt output_log_clean.txt
  20. steam-76561198032320729

    Multiplayer Hiccups

    Hey ya guys. I've been hosting a game with my friends and for some reason after about 30 mins into playing over half of my fellow castaways were unable to see what they were building. After another few minutes people start getting booted. I know that the server can handle more than that because I've also hosted Arch Survival which is far more demanding then Ylands is, without issue. I can run the server with just myself and one other person just fine but anything more than that I have issues. I have 3 other people who have joined in but haven't been able to play because of this hiccup. I'm also planning on purchasing this game for a few of my other friends to join in on the fun but I'm hesitant to so because we all want to play together. Thoughts? Solutions? I'd be grateful for any input.
  21. Hi. First off, loving the game. To the point where my kids nagged me so they could join. Bought three copies. I wanted them to join my island and all was well. Normal disconnects etc. We went from my spawn island by large ship to a "desert" biome. I have been there before and did some looting in single player. When i took my daughters there, the first bit was fine. We were able to dig ore, harvest melons etc. I wanted to show them the "traveller statue" with the backpack of bamboo and bank safe with the wolf head on top. Even in single player, when being near it, i would dig and it would make the sounds, but nothing happened with the terrain etc. only when i run back to my ship, would it suddenly update. The same thing started happening with multiplayer. To the point where they were stuck in the "pickup" animation. Tried to relog, they can't join. Single player is fine, until they try to join. Publishing server is fine, play is fine like that, until they join. At this point they cannot join and my right mouse button stops working. I killed them, recovered all their things, went back to my island hoping its just the area. Still the same happens. If you have a solution, we just managed to craft the flying potion and was pretty much rolling on the floor laughing. Please help if you can?
  22. sir/mam, i have been playing this game for almost about 20 hours now and i haven't build any stuff in the game just explored around the map still i am noticing a considerable amount of lag in every 5-10 minutes and even at the medium quality setting i am getting the frame rate around 30fps. Then i have tried to play multiplayer but it gets stuck at the loading screen only even after showing 100% on the loading screen, and it worked only 1 time in the local region and when i tried to connect to other regions it didn't worked. please look into the lag and frame rate issue.
  23. HypnoticHands

    Hosting private game question

    I'm trying to figure out how to load a existing map for a hosting session. It seems currently I can host a private server on my machine for my friend and I however when we are done it saves it to only the single player session. Is there a way to save our map so that we can reload and play when I host again after the initial time?
  24. so when i die in multiplayer i have to create a new character, is this intentional or a bug thats gonna be fixed? Its annoying because i tame a horse for example, and when i die its not tamed anymore, in singleplayer you can just respawn why isn't this in multiplayer? btw is there a way to set a spawnpoint? for example via a bed or something like that?
  25. As per the title - I'd love to see multiplayer worked into the editor. It would be great to collaborate with my friends when creating content, so much better to bounce ideas off each other.