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Found 80 results

  1. Hello Ane and all, 1) solo: I have an issue with creative mode. using the creator cube and paint/add texture (water) doesn’t work anymore. It used to. Then just stopped. However, the other textures (sand, gold etc) still work. I tried it on multiple surfaces. Any temporary fixes for this? 2) MP: my friends have had on and off luck joining each others games. Sometimes we join and enjoy a good few hours of play, other times we can’t load in, and other times we have the super lag/l along with unable to access inventory bug. Most of the time we just get ‘host unavailable’. this is happening in creative built maps and regular explore mode. Is this a general bug? And is there any temporary fixes. Really enjoy the game however and look forward to enjoying it as much as possible despite the standard EA bugs. Also fantastic job keeping us with updates and helping address issues!
  2. So me and my friend started playing today. And when it was time for dinner, we quit and it said that it saved the progress. Now when I continue in that world, my friend can't see it even though I've published it and I can't open any containers placed by him. Is this a know issue? How do we continue on the world that we've spent at least 4-5 hours on?
  3. Playing as a client on my friend's server, I built a car last night and today it's gone, no trace.
  4. Seraphs Revenge

    Multiplayer list and availability

    Hi, I've looked on Twitter and other Ylands sites, but I haven't seen an announcment about servers being down. Both five others and myself cannot see any games listed in multiplayer and all of our multiplayer games say unavailable. output_log_clean.txt output_log.txt
  5. Hello everyone! One of us died while sailing around in the sea - somehow his spawn changed since that. We are currently not able to find him anymore, because we don't know on which yland he is. Did anybody else experience smth like that? Any possible solutions maybe? Thanks in advance Greetings!
  6. Me and my friend discovered some bugs while playing Multiplayer (I try to recreate these bugs with screenshots and videos later): The wooden raft begins to float in the air when the water level gets lower due to digging and building. Sometimes when picking up items, plants etc. you're character gets stuck in the picking up animation or completely freezes. Map resetting when disconnected (known bug) The water has a very weird behavior when the sand beneath it is modified. Sometimes it completely disappears. It also sometimes generates holes in the water. Every time i walk past a sail on a ship i get teleported to the side and fall from the ship. The ship is a little glitchy in general, when im not in control of the ship. (This doesn't happen to the host) Another bug from the ship is that when i climb up the ladder, it keeps the swimming animation until i jump. (This is only visible for myself, not for other players) Sometimes items that are picked up or crafted are not visible until you scroll the inventory. These are all bugs we found for now, im gonna update this post if we find more.
  7. John - NEXFER

    Multiplayer + Cars

    Hi all, So I've just released a multiplayer game mode that has a lot of cars on it, I have built islands with tracks on them using the terrain forming tools in the editor, and have joined them together with roads. However, so far I've lost most of my cars through them falling through the terrain while driving them on these islands / roads. I've filmed a video that will demonstrate. Is there any way this could be fixed pretty please? It cripples my game mode for multiplayer. It doesn't happen at all in single player on this game mode, it started happening when I joined as a guest to my server running this game mode. Thanks! * Edit Also two more bugs occured while I was testing as a guest on this multiplayer session - While in 3rd person camera view mode, and driving a car, the auto-follow camera view would not trigger, and I was not able to get it to trigger, meaning that I was having to adjust the camera view with my mouse, while steering the car with my keyboard... tricky! This works fine in first person mode, and in single player mode, so just 3rd person as a guest on multiplayer. Secondly, as a guest on multiplayer - driving a car often jolts, visually it looks like network lag, rather than low FPS or graphical lag. Furthermore, the animals do this jolt movement as well.
  8. Hello. I am having some issues with a multiplayer server i sett upp. Me and a friend are playing together, and my friend has to log inn and out to see when something new is buildt on the boat. This sometimes happens on land aswell, but it is constantly broken on the boat.
  9. I get the "host unreachable" message every time i try to connect to an official server. Can play on some private ones, not all.
  10. So my brother is hosting multipayer and i was playing in his server and everything was fine until i placed objects/blocks and they vanished. But after that i could still play but i always have to have more than 1 of same objects in my inventory so i could place objects. After playing while i got another bug and only thing i could do is moving ( i couldnt choose objects, place them or anything.) I restarted game and then tryied to re join the server and got stuck at 100%. After that i have not been able to play the game anymore. My brother is hosting server and he can join the game but he cant do anything also. Please fix this!! We cant play this game anymore if you guys dont give us new multiplayer update!
  11. Firstly, I bought YLands with a friend and we're really enjoying the game so far.. what we've been able to play of it anyway. I'm not sure what of these issues are connected or caused by the same things so I'm going to just list the issues we've had preventing us from being able to play multiplayer thus far. I've done some searching through the forums here but haven't found an issue that was quite like this so I thought I'd post here as well. Primarily, when he connects to me (and the other way around, same problem) everything seems fairly ok until an issue like the horse camera bug strikes and we need to relog. When one of us disconnects from the other, the person's avatar that disconnected stays showing standing in world like the host doesn't properly recognize them as having left and then when they try to reconnect they never can. So, we can play fine.. until someone leaves. Then we're never able to reconnect on that world again. The horse camera bug (getting off a horse causing the camera to be locked in place and A and D causing the character to spin wildly) was the primary reason for needing to relog, but once we realized that was an issue we stopped getting on horses, obviously. Still though, games only being able to be played once is a pretty major deterrent from long term play. Hopefully we can get a response/fix/workaround soon because we're really excited to be able to work on a world long term. Anything else needed to help narrow down the problem with REconnections? Thanks output_log.txt output_log_clean.txt
  12. hyydi

    Major MP issue

    I was playing multiplayer (3 people in total). One player climbed to a ship and suddenly he was flying up to the sky and crashed down below earth surface and fell through the world. He then got a message saying he died because of freezing. After this he cannot join the server at all and get's stuck on loading screen (loading game data). Also the animals he tamed before are not tamed anymore, it seems like he was deleted from the server all together. I restarted the game and now no one can join the server even after multiple tries. Before this episode there were some other issues with the ship such as teleporting to land when climbing the ship ladder etc. output_log.txt output_log_clean.txt DxDiag.txt
  13. I'm not too sure how to help with files etc so my output log is attached. We have to stop playing for a while until some of these are fixed as it is just too unstable, it has become frustrating and it's not fun as a result. We've played multiplayer locally with my PC hosting for a couple of hours, and it has crashed three times. No connection with what we were doing at the time it just randomly crashes. The password doesn't save / the settings for the multiplayer don't save - when you continue, you have to enter the setup details again. The map doesn't save (which is a known issue). There are random lag spikes which make it difficult to play at times, particularly when it happens in the middle of combat. The main issue is the random crashing - whatever is doing this needs to be fixed before we can continue to play, as it's just too difficult if it is unstable. output_log.txt
  14. Hello together, i have a little problem. I would like to play the game togehter with a good friend. But its not possible that one of us create a game because if one of us want joining the other one, this wont work. Everytime the game says "host unreachable". This happens while joining. He isnt able to join me. I can only join him but the game isnt playable together because of his bad internet . Any idea why the joining dont work (PS: when he trying to join me i lost ca. 50% of data ... Only in ylands. Not in any other game )
  15. PurpleFlosh

    Multiplayer Help

    So me and my friend were playing Yesterday, we are on a boat and when i logged on to continue our adventure abit alone i saw him still standing on the boat... i was just wondering, will my friends charecter take damage even tho he is not online????
  16. WashedByBlood

    Beards and Mulitplayer Sleeping

    I'm loving the game and cannot wait to see where it goes. I think it's an instant classic for me. A few suggestions. Beards! As a man with facial foliage I was a bit bummed to see there are no large beards yet. I would love to see some big, bushy, Tom Hanks from castaway style beards for the male faces. It would also be nice to be able to change the head hair and face hair independently. Secondly, are there any plans to add sleeping to multiplayer? It's unfortunate to have to wait out the nights. Would it be possible to implement a system in which, if all players were in beds, the host could initiate sleeping and allow time to pass for all parties? Love all the hard work going into this game, keep up the fine work!
  17. John - NEXFER

    Ylanders DS

    Hi all, So due to the fact that there is currently no real way to administer a server (other than kicking / banning etc), and no real way to log who has done what, or when, etc... There is thus no real way to hinder a troll, or otherwise disgruntled person, who seeks to cause havoc and annoy decent players having fun on Ylands. This may all change (hopefully) as we loom closer to the official Steam release, but for now however, passwords on servers are our best option for defence against this maliciousness. So, I host a server / website which will now be online 24/7 (thanks to the excellent work of the Ylands devs for making this possible!). This server will be running an unedited explore mode, and we will only wipe the map if it becomes somehow necessary (unplayable without a wipe). A password has been added to the server, if you would like to play on it, please connect with the pass phrase "ylanders2017". Please note, by using this password to log in to our dedicated server (ylanders.com), you agree to the following rules: (1) "Griefing" / "trolling" that can be proved or witnessed, will result in a ban from the server, and your credentials passed on to other server owners / the community to prevent these actions from happening elsewhere. (2) Item stealing is frowned upon, though as it is vanilla, and nothing is stopping you... you will simply end up with no friends! People should lock or hide things they consider valuable until such time as a land / item protection system is implemented. (3) Killing offline players is frowned upon, though again, nothing is stopping you but the lack of friends that will result. (4) Exploiting a bug can be helpful, so long as you report the exploit to myself, or here on the forums, and stop exploiting it once you have narrowed down the cause of it. (5) Be friendly and polite to other players! If you do not agree with the above rules, please do not log in to our server! If this is not an effective deterrent to the malicious, I may be forced to only pass out the password via Private Messages. If this happens and you can not log in with the current password, please PM me and I will send you the updated password. Any support to this regard from the development team, giving admins the tools to administrate their servers, will be highly appreciated!
  18. Jason Kummerfield

    RESOLVED Fishing bug MP

    So I held of reporting this untill i managed to check with another host. When your a guest on someones game or dedicated server the messages you recieve on screen for fishing "No luck this time" or whatever it is do not show on the guest screen. On 2 sererate maps each with diffrent hosts we have noticed the HOST infact gets this message on his screen when someone ELSE is fishing. Even if he is nowhere nearby. I would also like to add that many times when on a hosted server as guest that when you are standing on a large ship and drip something on deck or even fish while on deck the objects often seem to fall through boat to the sea floor. Loving this game tho. Wishing the winds at you back in dev and smooth sailing in patching:D
  19. Currently I can only set a trigger to react to all players, regardless of their role. In order to create team-based multiplayer scenarios it would be very helpful if triggers could be limited by role. For example I just tried to create a trigger that would activate and send a message when players from one team entered the territory of the other team.
  20. Hello! I've been working on setting up a server for public and friends. Which works fine (port forwarded and all).. But the problem is that when I launch the Server Monitor I can no longer launch the game on the same computer. I also tried nosingleinstance as a target parameter, but that changed nothing. Is there any known work-around? -EDIT; I assume it has something to do of the fact that the sever monitor is also called ylands.exe (?) DePemy
  21. DePemy

    Port Forwarding

    Hai! What do you guys recommend should be port forwarded for the remote port? I am bit confused on what to use here. DePemy
  22. Hi team, Well what can I say? What a fantastic game, I purchased Ylands not long after watching the E3 Showcase and have been enjoying it ever since. I load up Ylands on a daily basis and play for many hours. At the moment I streaming Ylands on a daily basis on a popular Streaming service (not sure if I am allowed to say which?) to promote and show off how wonderful Ylands is. I am currently using the explorer mode on the basis I want to discover all recipes and crafting at my own time and speed. I was playing Ylands on a dedicated server to begin with, with a few friends, however they have decided to call it a day for now, until there is a more major solution/fix to the server problems. With finding Ylands a great game to play in a relaxing environment, it does have its moments and frustration points. Perfectly understandable considering it is in Alpha. So anyway on to the gripe at hand lol. The multiplayer game that I am hosting for the forth time (as the other times we have had to delete and start over) has decided to bug out again, I have been meaning to post on numbers of occasions, but I just want to get in and play lol. So at the moment we are not able to access storage baskets and chests. If I decide to log out to the main menu, the storage chest I just tried to access flashes up on the screen before the game closes? We can still create/craft/mine etc, but accessing inventory and chests is impossible . Multi re-logs does not fix the problem and am not sure what else to do? I have been saving extra game saves in different folders on my system, to do roll backs, but I have become a little tired of rolling back after creating so much, so for now, I will hold on playing multiplayer and wait out for a fix or solution. I look forward to hearing from you Team and keep up the good work, Sith
  23. ThereGoesLucie

    Saving multiplayer?

    Hello, I am wondering if I am just missing something, or can you not revisit multiplayer games? My partner and I were playing a multiplayer game last night but have gone to carry on this morning but there is no way of getting back onto that save? Will this always be the case?
  24. Me and my friend were playing when he fell through the world due to something going wrong, so he quit and tried to reconnect. Ever since then he cannot, at all, reconnect. He tries, gets to 1300 ping and "lost connection to host" we started a new world and he can connect with 500 ping, then loads,and goes down to 90. We have no idea what to do. This is not a dedicated server.
  25. totallyruledup2013

    RESOLVED Server scroll doesn't work

    So i was trying to join my friend when i realized that the servers appear alphabetically and that he named his beginning with F so that will be down the list, but there is no way to scroll and the search bar function doesn't work