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Found 40 results

  1. Encountered this strange bug when I updated the dedicated server to the new 0.63v2 version. I was using an existing single player save file for my private server and several of my clothing items changed colours. A pair of white flippers turned yellow, one white fur jacket and white fur pants turned black, and one white pair of boots turned green. The other clothing items were already black and didn't change colour at all. These items were in a chest on my ship as well as in my character''s inventory. First image is of the save in SP, the second is from the server. output_log.txt output_log_clean.txt output_log.txt output_log_clean.txt
  2. keep having the problem where i join a dedicated server then after a bit of playing it shuts down to never return. So here i am making a Thread of adverts for dedicated servers. If you host a dedicated server and it stays up running please post an advert here so others may find it and join the Ylands adventures
  3. Seraphs Revenge


    Hi guys, can you please switch protocols to udp, as there's tons of issues with tcp in any multiplayer game. I've literally watched myself and others be dos'ed again and again on dedicated via the monitor over the tcp handshake. No multiplayer games use tcp because of issues like these, a few lost packets is no big deal. Also, I posted a few hints about entity disposal in the Unity C# api last month for your benefit, and I never got a response? It's a major issue that results in a crazy amount of lag, if the object super classes have been set up properly it shouldn't be hard to differentiate between free placed/pre-generated objects and dropped (player or newly generated) objects. Which would clear up a lot of the lag from too many entities.
  4. chrono208


    Can you guys help and find out what happened to explore na 5? I had gotten kicked from it earlier and tried to reenter but alas i could not. I logged out of steam and my computer and checked for updates as well waiting a couple hours before re-trying to log back in but when faced with the continue button it shows NA 5 unavailable and it also no longer appears in the server list. Please help! My friends and i have made some significant progress and do not want to restart rn. -Chrono
  5. Hey, I was wondering where we are able to download the dedicated server from? Thanks in advance.
  6. when i want to join server it's downloading data from server so it download like 30% or 50 % or 70% or sometimes 98% of the data then it goes back to menu and say host unreachable. pls fix it. unplayable mp
  7. I was playing in official eu 5 then i disconnected i and backed tomorrow and now i cant join in the server. Why??
  8. I cant Join to any EU server, it say Player with current account in session or host unreachble. Pls Some one help !!! output_log.txt
  9. Seraphs Revenge

    Multiplayer list and availability

    Hi, I've looked on Twitter and other Ylands sites, but I haven't seen an announcment about servers being down. Both five others and myself cannot see any games listed in multiplayer and all of our multiplayer games say unavailable. output_log_clean.txt output_log.txt
  10. Im playing on a Server I host myself together with 2 friends and I cant open any chests anymore. I cant dig the ground, animals dont move etc. This is already second time, that I have this bug. Restarting the Server doesnt help, only starting a complete new game helps. I think the bug occured after one of my friends died but iam not sure. output_log.txt output_log_clean.txt
  11. John - NEXFER

    Ylanders DS

    Hi all, So due to the fact that there is currently no real way to administer a server (other than kicking / banning etc), and no real way to log who has done what, or when, etc... There is thus no real way to hinder a troll, or otherwise disgruntled person, who seeks to cause havoc and annoy decent players having fun on Ylands. This may all change (hopefully) as we loom closer to the official Steam release, but for now however, passwords on servers are our best option for defence against this maliciousness. So, I host a server / website which will now be online 24/7 (thanks to the excellent work of the Ylands devs for making this possible!). This server will be running an unedited explore mode, and we will only wipe the map if it becomes somehow necessary (unplayable without a wipe). A password has been added to the server, if you would like to play on it, please connect with the pass phrase "ylanders2017". Please note, by using this password to log in to our dedicated server (ylanders.com), you agree to the following rules: (1) "Griefing" / "trolling" that can be proved or witnessed, will result in a ban from the server, and your credentials passed on to other server owners / the community to prevent these actions from happening elsewhere. (2) Item stealing is frowned upon, though as it is vanilla, and nothing is stopping you... you will simply end up with no friends! People should lock or hide things they consider valuable until such time as a land / item protection system is implemented. (3) Killing offline players is frowned upon, though again, nothing is stopping you but the lack of friends that will result. (4) Exploiting a bug can be helpful, so long as you report the exploit to myself, or here on the forums, and stop exploiting it once you have narrowed down the cause of it. (5) Be friendly and polite to other players! If you do not agree with the above rules, please do not log in to our server! If this is not an effective deterrent to the malicious, I may be forced to only pass out the password via Private Messages. If this happens and you can not log in with the current password, please PM me and I will send you the updated password. Any support to this regard from the development team, giving admins the tools to administrate their servers, will be highly appreciated!
  12. John - NEXFER

    Server Monitor Redesign

    @Aleš Ulm Though I do like the current Server Monitor / Dedicated Server GUI, I have some suggestions for its improvement and will provide the reasoning for it. - Console version, essentially, I would like to be able to use a non-GUI version or simple console version of the Dedicated Server, I see little to no need to have a monitor running such as this one, especially not one that requires graphics capabilities and a noticeable amount of system resources, just to launch the server. A Dedicated Server should surely be minimalist, and provide resources to the processes of managing the connections and data, rather than using some of the system to simply monitor the server in a highly user-friendly way. Basically, system resources priorities seem out of order, user-friendly is fine, but surely the user-friendly way should be via the multiplayer in-game menus. Moreover, keeping in mind that the majority if not all server hosts, are seeking to run systems without graphics capabilities, rather, server resources dedicated to server programs, in environments not often suited to a graphically dependent server interface. - The current GUI, does little more than provide an on/off switch, and show players connecting / disconnecting, and chat in-game. Though these features are fine, and I understand it is an early version, it is found vastly lacking in things that should really be there, noticeably - there is no total online players count to be seen, making it very hard and awkward to actually monitor online player activity (only in-game chat really) and there is no network usage indication to be seen, so I can't monitor that with the app either! These things are far more important to me in a dedicated server program, than it being graphically pleasing. Further, these are the things I would actually like to monitor! I would be just fine with black and white with text on status, such as the above mentioned console version. I would like to monitor server events, things happening behind the scenes on the server that are relevant, and for example, when someone dies or re-spawns, the in-game time, any errors etc as well. It could vastly help development in narrowing down bugs and issues as well, if the server informs the host of what it is actually doing, what it is loading, what it is processing and what it tries but fails to do, where applicable etc etc. - Server variables / settings, I would love to see the ability to send the above mentioned console version, server variables and settings for the world on launch, or while it is online, things like max players, server name, descriptions, server websites or banner support etc etc, there is many examples of this on other games that can be found. The below console example uses a batch file to launch the server with the predetermined settings to be applied. - Separate server executable / process, I would like to see a separate program being used for the dedicated server, rather than having the Ylands.exe in use by the server, as it currently means that a Dedicated Server, and Game Client cannot be ran on the same machine. I think I've not had this issue with any other server / client combination, indeed the majority of the time, I test dedicated servers / clients locally on the same machine, prior to moving them over to a host, and in this instance it caused me a day or so's grief in isolating where I was going wrong with the server setup. Thus it would seem logical to have a Game executable and a Server executable and avoid these issues entirely. - Server output, I would love to be able to fetch the online count for the server, in-game chat messages, and / or anything else of value, to be able to display this information on a website or web application etc. This would be highly beneficial in the days to come for server hosts. Here is an example of another Dedicated Server that I use via Steam, worth taking note is how simplistic it is, yet how efficient and also that it provides the information required for a server host, and has the capabilities as mentioned above -
  13. Hello! I've been working on setting up a server for public and friends. Which works fine (port forwarded and all).. But the problem is that when I launch the Server Monitor I can no longer launch the game on the same computer. I also tried nosingleinstance as a target parameter, but that changed nothing. Is there any known work-around? -EDIT; I assume it has something to do of the fact that the sever monitor is also called ylands.exe (?) DePemy
  14. DePemy

    Port Forwarding

    Hai! What do you guys recommend should be port forwarded for the remote port? I am bit confused on what to use here. DePemy
  15. Me and my friend were playing when he fell through the world due to something going wrong, so he quit and tried to reconnect. Ever since then he cannot, at all, reconnect. He tries, gets to 1300 ping and "lost connection to host" we started a new world and he can connect with 500 ping, then loads,and goes down to 90. We have no idea what to do. This is not a dedicated server.