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Found 390 results

  1. Create.ylands, log in. It shows me one very old, blocked game which I can't delete., "Frostbite Hardcore Survival" I uploaded Caverna Magika, but a script is broken which blocks further progress in the game. Can't see the game, it is not on my list, just the old blocked game. Couldn't update the changes, so I uploaded Caverna Magika 03 and waited for something to show up. It never did. Those games are invisible to me. I did notice hardcore seems to be a blocked word now. Is that my problem? Please help, I have another game, but I don't want to upload it when I have this problem. Thank you.
  2. I was helping out a dear friend with his mystery island to try and solve it together. He was hosting locally but unfortunately he's on the other side of the world to me. Up until this point it has all gone well apart from losing connection every once in a while. But when we fell into the volcano in the Emberland map, I couldn't respawn. As you can see in the video, going to another map didn't work either so I was stuck and forced to restart. Luckily this fixed it and I was able to join his map again output_log.txt output_log_clean.txt
  3. Hello! First I want to say how wonderful the game's developement has been and I am grateful for everything everybody has done to make it to this point! Keep up the awesome work! Now for the issue at the title. While playing on Exploration mode, multiplayer mode enabled with or without any other players online the game will freeze and crash to desktop. This has been going on for a few days both before and after the most recent patch. Logs included as requested. Best Regards, Hunter output_log.txt output_log_clean.txt
  4. This isn't the first time I saw this bug. The first was an atlantean ruin encounter with the crablins running off into the ocean. This time however I took a picture. The encounter is the tents with the guys wearing zirconium armor. There is a little sarcophougus with temple armor, and there is a double barreled revolver and a few other things to be found in the encounter. Anyhow all 5 of the NPC's just walked straight into the ocean in a straight line. enclosed the output logs. This pic is underwater output_log.txt output_log_clean.txt
  5. Loaded my SP exploration game to have boat floating in the air in fog. The terrain never loaded, then it said I was cold and freezing, and then the terrain loading screen showed. I reappeared with all my inventory and didn't get a message about dying. I was on an undiscovered island across an unexplored map. In my previous session, I'd journeyed to a new map and parked my boat on the shore of the first island, and then logged out. A forum search found this similar experience - https://ylands.com/community/topic/30607-lost-my-boat-is-there-a-way-to-load-an-older-save-file/ The only earlier save is prior to the pre-generation of that archipelago. Of note, the island that I parked near was tropical like my starting islands. A thick mist rolled in before I logged, but there was no indication that it was going to be cold. I was wearing bark armor. I attempted to summon my ship (I was SO happy that was an option) at the new island, but no boat appears....just a disappointing sparkle glow....TA DA...ta didn't. Is my save corrupted? Do I start over? This was my first playthrough since 2017, so I'm still re-learning the game. Thank you for your time! output_log.txt output_log_clean.txt Update: I'm so confused. There was a previous save from yesterday...called Starting Yland, that was prior to me leaving my initial map. I decided to try it since my only other earlier save was a MP map I accidentally clicked on before going to my 2nd local map. Launching this Starting Yland save, put me on this new undiscovered island on the new local map with my boat in the water where I'd previously made an unsuccessful attempt to summon it. Even though the date is showing yesterday 3 saves past, it's putting me in the most recent position.
  6. Hi There, The amount of wooden blocks which can be created from a log seems incorrect. So is the number of blocks 2*2*2 equal to the number of 1*1*1. This way it's cost less logs to create floor of 4*4*1 than when I create the same floor with 1*1*1. In the example included you can see that despite the size, the amount of blocks which can be created is the same. Please safe (my) planet from deforestation ;-). Kind regards, Rob
  7. Hi, I have made this little rhino for my island and I was testing the scenario whilst the graphics were on the mobile settings. During that test I saw that the rugby ball that is being used here is presumably in the wrong orientation and so it doesnt align with the rest. This happens for both of the high and low quality mobile graphics and not for the pc one. Thanks
  8. While it has been a while for me playing Ylands, when I opened the game back up (at first stored on an external hard drive) it was very laggy and choppy. I uninstalled the game and reinstalled it on the computer. However, the lag persisted, though getting just a smidge bit better with each exit and reentry. I did also lower my graphics, it never fully eradicated the lag. When trying to open the menu for a blue print table, that's when I noticed the right-click feature wouldn't work. We (I was co-oping with a friend) tried everything we could think, re-logging, settings adjustments, etc. to no avail. I soon noticed I could no longer pick as well from the ground. While I could pick berries from a bush, I couldn't pick up dropped items. I even went to an old legacy game and tried the right click of my mouse, able to sit and control my boat, but then unable to release controls to stand. I thought it may have been my connection with the lag, but I see that it's far more than that. Any advice would be well appreciated.
  9. Hi everyone! We have found a bug, which causes data loss while linking accounts. As far as we know, it has only happened in a few isolated instances, but please, if you believe this happened to you OR you know someone affected by this bug, please let me know! We are working on a solution as we speak and will keep you posted on this. Thank you for your help and your wonderful patience, everyone!
  10. I have been playing the game for quite some time and one difference I noticed between the Microsoft version and the steam version was what happens when you lower resolution. If I go below 1280x720 I get black bars on the side. In microsoft version I could still play lower resolution full screen by clicking the windowed mode and maximizing the window....however steam does not allow you to maximize the window like microsoft version does. Are there any plans to allow a full screen mode for lower resolution? I usually only turn the resolution down to increase game performance on maps that have a lot of builds or too many entities. This would be quite helpful for game performance in those types of game maps. I just dislike not being able to see things full screen, and I won't be giving up my steam version for microsoft because exploration DLC is not available on that format. Thanks for any consideration in fixing this small suggestion.
  11. At some point before your game would lag when trying to place a large blueprint, but nowadays your game runs normally, except it can take minutes before your blueprint actually shows up. Something definitely changed with how blueprints are loaded, and the algorithms involved need to be evaluated because they are terribly slow, or at least grow terribly slow with high item counts.
  12. Hello, I've been having issues when attempting to host a local session in the new(ish) exploration mode. Currently, after publishing the session, when I go back into the settings, it state "UNPUBLISHED", and others cannot join the session, nor find it. Any help will be greatly appreciated! output_log.txt output_log_clean.txt
  13. In exploration i've been exploring a lot of new islands. before i did i had changed the settings in the options menu so that i can see distant islands (level of detail set to medium). But i found one island that seems to load in it's terrain chunks differently to the other neighbouring islands (like how terrain looks when it's level of detail is set to low or very low). The picture above shows the two neighbouring islands having visible terrain while the island i'm on doesn't have all of it's chunks loaded in, when i move to the unloaded area the chunk loads in as intended and unloads as i move away. I thought this rare bug might make players miss an island if they're looking for all of them on the ocean with the same view distant settings. I've attach the output logs if needed output_log_clean.txt output_log.txt
  14. So this one is a bit strange but I have noticed at times whether using the crafting table or crafting directly and trying to place something, a few items seem to have a glitch where you have to attempt to craft it a few times before you are allowed to do it. I use this Iron cabinet as an example. I have over 100 iron ingots and a hammer in my inventory, but sometimes it tells me I do not have the items needed. I can exit the crafting menu and go back a few times and it seems to correct itself....it's just a weird glitch
  15. I found a few of my islands that I had saved before the update with tier 3 Islands were only spawning tier 2 monsters. I thought this was a glitch that maybe only occurred with older maps, however today I went to a brand new map with a tier 3 island and found that it also was only spawning tier 2 monsters. None of the monsters dropped Ylandium crystal or dust. Only pieces of metal and stone chunks. I enclosed pictures so you can see what I mean. The golem was at the place where I am located on the map.
  16. When i turn off construction mode of my ship in the editor, some of the blocks revert to their original color. As far as I know these blocks include: -all stone letters, stone numbers and stone signs -wooden pier supports The ship was a composition from before 1.7 and it doesn't seem to occur with new compositions. output_log.txt output_log_clean.txt
  17. Having items disappearing from the kitchen cabinets is perplexing but i think i found the cause. They never make it there! If you drag items from your inventory to the cabinet window, if you are not accurate or whatever ... sometimes the objects don't transfer... they "fade out" and disappear. If other find that happening, grab your logs and pester the devs .., it seems to be random and mainly on cabinets on ships.
  18. My boat and so all the resources I had disappeared after I loaded the game. I loaded mid-air on a boat, the game reloaded itself two times, dropped me on an island boatless, can't summon it anymore, and the save file size reflects that it's gone. I know this has already been reported. Is there a way to load an older save? I tried deleting the newest save file but the game just says that the newest save is unavailable and won't load older ones. This might be the end of Ylands for me to be honest: what's the point of playing knowing I can lose everything any moment. I wish I could at least get my resources back via the console command but /additem has been spirited away too.. SaveGames.zip Ylands_Data.zip
  19. Yo HasLEGO

    UNDER REVIEW no engine button

    On mobile I can't switch between engines and sails to power my ship. There simply isn't a button for it. This mean that i can't drive my ship that only has engines. ? edit: the engines themselves are almost inaccessible to turn on manually
  20. Not a game breaking bug or anything. I just noticed that this pipe block used to have 3 colors and now it only has 2. I use it to make burners on my stoves. The black part I usually make a glowing orange.
  21. Hi! I've noticed a strange behaviour of the camera when playing on mobile: sometimes (usually when I start a new game and for like 10 seconds) the camera works flawlessy, then it suddently starts to jumps around at random angles, often pointing straight up or down. This makes the game unplayable for me on mobile. I'm playing on a Blackview BV9800 Pro and everything it's up to date. Is that a known problem or there's a fix? Thank you and keep up with the amazing work!
  22. So, I like to make a lot of blueprints, and currently the only way to export editor made compositions to use for blueprints is by using the legacy maps. I have noticed several times after making blueprints in legacy maps when I exit the game, it just hangs out at "saving in progress" screen and does not take me back to the main screen. I have had to use task manager several times now just to exit the game. Also is there any reason Ylands is running in 2 instances? output_log.txt output_log_clean.txt
  23. Ahoj, řeším problém, při prozkoumávání ostrovů (po updatu 1.6) se mi odbarvili veškeré věci na lodi do původní barvy , teda kromě dřevěných bloků ze kterých je velká část lodi postavená. Odbarvili se truhly, dveře, i brnění které jsem měl na sobě. Dnes se mi znovu odbarvili a k tomu jsem přišel o veškeré elektrické obvody. (loď jsem stavěl v editoru, i obvody jsem spojoval v editoru aby byli schované v blocích, teď již nejsem schopen obvody zapojit, musel bych rozbít půl lodi, bylo tam dost obvodů). A to mě přivádí k druhé věci, rozhodl jsem se tedy pro nějaké drobné opravy lodě v editoru, ale při získávání blueprintu jsem zjistil že se to vybrané části fotoaparátu nevleze (lodˇ jsem nezvětšoval), nebylo by možné výběrovou oblast blueprintů zvětšit (chybí mi asi 10 bloků) . Odbarvování věcí budu sledovat, když tak dám další informace nebo přiložím log soubor. Děkuji
  24. hello each time i re launch my game, i have to re map my keyboard keys, since i use a french keyboard azerty and not an american one qwerty. and every time on launching the game i need to re set my movement keys and the up and down keys for editor, and most of the time, in editor, my z key ends up making my camera go down instead of going straight forward, very annoying when trying to build in editor.
  25. Hi, i just lost about 5 wooden barrels full of stone chunks. I was picking them up at my home world and moving them to another world, when i joined the other world i noticed the stone chunks weren't in my ship anymore, so i guessed they would be on my home map (because it has happened to me before, that sometimes something goes wrong with my internet and some changes don't get updated), so i went back to my home base, and they werent there, so i basically lost all of them, all the time they had been on containers or my inventory. Also when I came back to my home world my clothing and ship changed their tinted colors again, note that none of the maps i was traveling are multiplayer, they are both singleplayer worlds. Sadly i dont have logs for this.