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Found 10 results

  1. Encountered this bug today ... I swam up to my raft with my flippers on and right-clicked to use it, but then I couldn't dismount it or interact with anything else like my ship ladder. I switched to 1st person camera and it caused the raft to sink through the water and even through the terrain. It flipped the raft over so I was upside down at one point lol I could access my inventory so I switched out of my flippers to my shoes but then my flippers disappeared Returning back to the main menu and back allowed me to disembark the raft but it still thought I was on the raft so I was still holding the paddle! Again, I couldn't interact with anything and couldn't get back on the raft either. Going back to the main menu and back into the game again fixed that but now I couldn't open any chests or workstations. Saw a similar bug posted earlier and found I had to kill my horse, so I killed one and that didn't work and then I killed another one and that one worked for some reason. Not sure if the raft bug is related to the horse/container bug or not but very bizarre. output_log.txt output_log_clean.txt
  2. Hi everyone! Everytime I try to play I have this bug; The mousse start spinning right after respawning, I always have a controller pluged in, but never had this bug on previous versions of the game. Tried to plug out the controller, still spinning. Restarted with the controller out, still spinning. So, is not the controler, nor the mousse as everything is fine, just when I spawn, the bug begins, and it's impossible to play. Any help, please? Thanks!
  3. When getting the position or rotation of a custom camera object it does not return the current pos/rot of the camera but returns the pos/rotation of how it was placed in the editor. Maybe this isn't a bug and rather has just not been implemented, if so maybe this can be moved to the suggestions sub.
  4. When selecting a custom build with the camera, there desperately needs to be an indicator showing you where your selection is beginning, maybe a highlighted 1x1 square indicating a starting point? When you get into large selections, this is almost a must. Have you ever tried selecting a ship? You need to select some random spot under water and guess that you have gotten the ship within the boundary. Also, after you finish the height selection, there should be another editing option to click and drag selected sides of this selection to make final adjustments.
  5. When you are riding on your horse at full speed and switch to first person, then switch back to third person and start spamming W or/and space bar the camera will zoom really far out. I think this happens because the game still thinks you are in first person, because you can't use the option to re-align the camera anymore. In the gif the effect is not that extreme but I've seen the camera go even further than this.
  6. So when I was geiing off of my horse My camera was jacked was trying to record a video but OBS is not good with amd. Just get on and off a horse.
  7. Upon dismounting a tamed horse, while in third person view, my camera movement changes and sort of locks up, only allowing me to look up or down. Pressing A or D also spins my character in place, if I'm standing still, rather than moving my character left or right. I've asked my friend, and he doesn't seem to be having this issue with horses. After experimenting a bit, I discovered that switching to first person and back to third fixes this issue. However this camera behavior change always happens when I dismount my horse.
  8. RoyalBazto

    Editor mode problem

    Hi, Im trying to create an yland and generally testing the editor. I find the movement of the camera a bit slow and often I spam shift + mousewheel in hope of moving faster but there by the problem. I get out of bounds like real far away from the Yland. Sometimes I can make it back by locating a trigger zone symbol but now I have gone to far, not even those symbols are showing and I'm utterly lost at sea. Even with all the power of creation I cant make it back. I have tried playing but as soon i'm done testing i'm back at the latest camera position, at sea. I have also tried enter as the test doll in the editor but it's just a guy floating above the sea. So is there a way to save a position so that I always can get the camera back? Or lock on to a trigger? Would be terrible to start over again just because I cant find my Yland
  9. Hi, Just got the game today and I was instantly hit by the strange camera angles. Is there a reason why you can't look directly up or down? It looks like you can look further down in 3p but even then if you look directly down in 1p then change to 3p you not only get a bit more range but the camera also shifts to the right. I haven't even started to build but I can see this getting frustrating, it just feels like the player is wearing a neck brace.