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Found 1 result

  1. I am running into a problem where building blocks, logs, etc. are duplicating so often that I'm surprised I'm having problems finding other reports of this. This bug occurs both within the editor and the explorer mode of the game. When creating a structure, I will often find that many of the building blocks I've used have been duplicated and are overlapping one another. It is easier to see this in an editor where you can move an existing block aside and find a duplicate of it that was hidden, still in place. It is more difficult to see it occurring in the game, as you have to manually destroy the block with a hammer before realizing a copy of it was hidden in the same location. It is not an infrequent bug, as (for example) constructing a roof and then moving it aside in the editor will show that nearly half of the roof had been duplicated at some point. Please note that this is without using the "duplicate" tool - this bug causes placed building blocks to duplicate all on their own. And, again, it also occurs in the normal game where editor tools are not available. Is this a known issue? I didn't see it on the known issue list, nor do I see reports of it elsewhere, but it happens to me *all the time*. If it is a known issue, is there a way to avoid it? Obviously I would like to avoid the potential hit to performance of having a two copies of the same structure sitting on top of one another (one being hidden by the other).