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Found 2 results

  1. Hi, Eventually I've made another tests and now reason why Ylands crashes is clear: I've got only 8GB of RAM. Windows 7. SSD HD. 12-32GB swap file. If I'm playing game on 2-3 Ylands or more, but smaller ones I can play for weeks, but everyday Ylands consumes more and more memory. Usually game starts using 4GB of RAM and memory usage grows with every explored island and every bigger building. For some reason building ships take much more memory than anything else. Last time I've made serie of tests and I realised that problem is not for how long I play (it is, but if I work in one place memory problem isn't big), but how much I explored and... if I built big ship. So, last time I built big ship and moved to discover new lands. I was checking memory usage during every exploration. I realised that roughly every bigger island uses 1GB or RAM and every smalle one uses around 0.7GB of ram. Exploring mines takes additional RAM. Ylands is trying to delete from memory parts you leave behind, but it doesn't work.. And important thing - Ylands after "continue" starts with more and more RAM used every day. So: 1st day it's 4.5GB, second it's around 5GB, third it's 5.5GB and so on. If I manage to explore 5-6 islands within few hours - game will use whole my memory and game crashes. Reloading changes nothing. Ylands tries to download whole 7GB and because I have only 8GB - game crashes. In short - yesterday Yland crashed again. It was, as always - after discovering 5th-7th island. And as always - it happened, when I was close to my ship and Ylands started to render my ship. This time Display Driver crashed, but Ylands was partially working in the background - it was still using.... 6.7GB of RAM! Funny thing is - my clean system, with everything removed except for crucial system parts is using around 1.4GB of RAM. So, Ylands simply tried to use more RAM than I have and crashed. And I can repeat it again and again, game after game, no matter what settings I use. It seems that Ylands is not using swap file and it seems that there is memory leak of some kind. All The Best! ComR output_log.txt output_log_clean.txt
  2. Good morning, I have been trying to test the game during the 60 minutes free and I thought a good game with a future if it finishes. I still have 15 minutes left to spend but I doubt I can play it, in fact, the constant falls have eaten a quarter of an hour of free time in what took to close the game forcibly since the meter did not stop until then. Recently installed it has not given me problems, but as I have been advancing it has started to suck in RAM more and more. I have been consuming 82% of RAM. In addition, constant declines have come as much from opening the inventory as from selecting the manufacturing tab. Sometimes I have managed to access without falling, but when I have to "make" some object has fallen and it has been for most of my playing time. Another fault I have seen has been with the sharks, they are buried in the earth or they do not attack.