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Found 8 results

  1. Hello again! I am playing for a long time on Official Explore PA 15, and suddenly noticed a few recipes cannot be seen in the crafting menu even when I have all the ingredients. I am currently unable to locate the recipes for: - Repair Kit - Bear Hide Boots (I died for that brown bear hide!). - Probably more recipes I am not aware of. I definitely have hammer and rope for the repair kits, and I most definitely have a sewing kit, knife and brown bear hide for the boots. I have never crafted repair kits or boots in this session. Attached is the output log files. Please assist! Thanks! output_log.txt output_log_clean.txt
  2. Good morning, I have been trying to test the game during the 60 minutes free and I thought a good game with a future if it finishes. I still have 15 minutes left to spend but I doubt I can play it, in fact, the constant falls have eaten a quarter of an hour of free time in what took to close the game forcibly since the meter did not stop until then. Recently installed it has not given me problems, but as I have been advancing it has started to suck in RAM more and more. I have been consuming 82% of RAM. In addition, constant declines have come as much from opening the inventory as from selecting the manufacturing tab. Sometimes I have managed to access without falling, but when I have to "make" some object has fallen and it has been for most of my playing time. Another fault I have seen has been with the sharks, they are buried in the earth or they do not attack.
  3. Can a filter be added to the game for Workstations/Crafting tables/Smelter/etc. for the "Crafting" menu? So when we want a specific table sometimes one may forget the name of that specific table or don't know if it he/she can build it yet, so maybe adding that could help on the quick search of it.
  4. Serina Danae Brown


    Just wondering where to find oriental stuff.. I've been playing this since it released on steam and I love it so much! I found out right away that there are oriental items! I've already made oriental chests plenty of times. But I don't know how to make anything else oriental. On top of that, I'm not sure if any oriental structures spawn... I've never found anything anywhere! Are there oriental structures you can stumble across? Will my oriental dreams ever come true? Hmmmm...
  5. It could be nice to be able to share your crafting recipe in Multiplayer. or to have like an item where all the player can update there crafting list like this they all have the same. I played with some friend like for 3 days and so ofc we discover somes crafts and everything and were building a ship and after thoses 3 days my brother join us and he had no craft availaible. So ofc for him it was a bit annoying to have to discover all the craft while we are building the ship next to him. one of the solution would be to craft for him and give him the items but it's also annoying. The solution like i said would be maybe to craft a "booking craft" or "table craft" to give all his craft to another player. Best regards.
  6. Hello guys! First of all, awesome game, congratulations to the developers, keep up the great work. So my friend whenever he tries to open up the craft menu , randomly after some secs the game crashes. Is this a known issue? thanks! His CPU is Pentium G4560, 8GB RAM, GTX 1050 graphics.
  7. Jared Diamond

    Crafting System

    When I initially started up Ylands I felt as if I was extremely limited by the crafting system. With time I managed to get used to the system but it still confuses me from time-to-time. When you click an item you cant craft there may be an item you havent seen before. On the left side of your screen you see the necessary resources to craft the item. I think it'd be a great idea if you could click on the item and it would lead you to it's recipe. As an example: Making glass. You click on raw glass and the game brings you to the same interface you get when you open a Glass Forming Stand. I fail to see how this would take out any survivability of the game, and therefore think that it would only make gameplay more pleasing.
  8. t3hb3arj3w

    How to get a massive log

    can anybody please help me locate or craft a massive log for the large mast with sail? i cannot find any information on it specifically.