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Found 2 results

  1. Hi, I'm talking about building in explore game mode, as it's my favorite Ylands mode. I have to rant a bit about building system in Ylands. Last improvements were great, it's much better, but without FPP it's still pain in the eyes! Also, without FPP, I cannot aim correctly and I'm unable to open chest of anything what is close together. So, please, once again, reconsider return of FPP, at last as console command. However, this is not main theme of my today's rant. This time I want to talk about freeplacing and grid placing. You can easily toggle between grid/free placing with one key when you are using bricks, but you cannot do this with any other object - this is really annoying. This is why: Placing objcects other than usual “bricks” - sticks, stones, plants, fish, planks, just everything is sometimes big pain. It would be great if you could use the same system, one button toggle (as it is with normal brick placing) to swap from freeplacing to grid placing. Why? I hoped many times to make fences made of sticks, footpaths made of bark or stones or sheds made of pure planks and poles. It would be much easier if I could use the same system as I can using bricks, logs etc.: just snap to grid! I know, most of the work I will have to do manually anyway, but most of the work will be completed easily. Why not to treat eveny object just the same? With small exception: bricks, by default, when you select these ar in "snap to grid mode", but all other objects are by default in "free placing mode". Then, with one key I could toggle modes and everyone would be happy... With Regards, ComR
  2. Hi, I love free placing, I think everyone loves the idea, however there is one big problem - at least for me: There are places where I want to add free placed item, but in line with grid of existing building, for example I want "medieval stick window", but with glass in the same place. Or, I need to place last brikh, but there is something already on the way. When I'm placing the window/brick everything works ok., the obvious problem is red marking and "there is something in the way" or "there is no room" etc. So, I need and want to free place the window/brick, but... when I hit "V" window/brick dissappear from carefully chosen place and I need to move it again, what's worse - I cannot move next item "one brick" to the left - I can only move it "freely"... So, I cannot place things one next to each other fast in free mode (however pre-build structures in Ylands looks to be built this way - I'm talking abour obviously free placed items). So, I have 4 simple ideas which could save hours of work for all of us, including Ylands atists (if they have to build items as we do): 1) If you are placing bricks/logs/anything on the grid and you want to place in on the grod, but "free place it" - hit "V", but do not let Ylands start placing object from the begginning - let it be in the same, aleady chosen x,y,z and already chosen rotation. 2) Alternativly - when you are placing bricks on the grid, but red marking appear, let us hold "V" ("V" for example - it can be anything, let us bind the key) and left click: then item will be "free placed", but on the grid, when you planned it to be. 3) When you want to move free placed objects or bricks within "barrier" range: select empty hand (?), point at item you want to move, hold "V" key and item should show moving menu as always in free placing mode. 4) When you are placing in free mode, add one more option/toggle button: "move object by whole step / rotate object 90 degrees" (as it is in normal, grid placing mode - I don't remember dimensions of the smallest block, but it should be default one). The thing would allow us to free build custom walls made of sticks, stones, fish, leaves and so on - possibilities would be endless!!! And building would be much, much, much faster! 5) When you are placing bricks you can always hit "V" and place the same item freely, but you cannot do the opposite and hit "V" again for placing fish/stone or sticks to the grid, for example - that would be extremely useful!!! When I see ready-made structures in Explore mode, for example carrot fields, they seem to be placed to grid. It would be great if we could plant to grid too, or at last we could see where we are planting something as we can ain in FP mode while picking, shoveling or hitting. When you plant trees it's not a big problem, but when you try to plant something in planting pots - it's really tricky. And, btw: we can build planting pots, but we cannot move plants in them (for example with the ship). Is this a bug or future planned thing? It would be great if we could plant something in a pot and carry it with us in inventory and free place these as we wish. BTW: Few bugs: 1) Sisal Agave leaves cannot be stored in Herb Bags. 2) Grain plants cannot be stored in Herb Bags. 3) Bamboo Shoots cannot be stored in Seed Boxes. 4) Oyster shells cannot be stored in Shell Jars. 5) "Broken" plants are not automatically stored in Seed Boxes (seeds) and Herb Bags (grass) - not very big problem, but it is, when we have full inventory - and we have inventory full all the time. 6) Coal basket should be able to store "wooden pieces" in my humble opinion... as it is the most common fuel, I think. 7) Savannah Grass (the long, yellow grass) leaves only one seed - this is a problem if you plan to grow it. 8) I checked it again - any birds hunted in the air leaves nothing unless hit close to you, so you can feathers and meat falling. If bird is hit so meat or feathers fall behing your line if sight - birds leave nothing at all. 9) Animals - all of them - if hunted under steep slope or mountain in many cases are leaving meat and hide "into the slope", so it all falls down into the center of the Earth. And a good news for the end: One puma respawned on my Yland after 60 Ylands days? In the same time, my four horses went crazy and I have almost 20 horsies! Do I need more than one animal or at last one animal of a kind to let them respawn? How does it work? In first distributed Ylands version animals respawned much more often. Happy Ylanding, Bartosz