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Found 8 results

  1. I’ve been playing around in the Editor and came across this bug. When using an Event Listener and selecting the Spawn Entity action, it won’t allow you to choose an item. You can’t click or drag and drop an item from the menu into the little box where it should go. This essentially stops you from using this game logic. Unfortunately I’m away from my PC so can’t upload my logs right now. I had a chat with@Stephenw1992 and he can confirm it is broken for him too. EDIT: Added log files output_log.txt output_log_clean.txt
  2. Ashbane

    Players blocking spawn

    Hey, there are some players, e.g. Ahzz (hash 98372658-fe4a-46d1-aa6d-4a78ee59db44) on [OFFICIAL] EXPLORE EU 32, that are blocking the spawn on the primary Yland (built a protected jail around the spawn point so no1 can get out), essentially turning a public server into an online private server. Spawns should not be possible to modify in any way by players to prevent this (at least on the official servers) - not sure if this is an oversight of whoever created the server or it is currently impossible to protect the spawn at all.
  3. With the time i have playing Ylands so far, I have made a list in my mind of changes i believe could improve the game. One of the greater things i thought of would be to be able to lay down in a bed and set spawn (without sleeping so in multiplayer you can still do it). I feel that this change would so greatly effect this game in a positive way. There have been numeruos occasions where i am traveling on my ship, find a Yland and die, when this happens i am stranded back on the spawn island without my ship of anything i have. I really look forward to changes in this game for the better, thank you.
  4. Serina Danae Brown


    Just wondering where to find oriental stuff.. I've been playing this since it released on steam and I love it so much! I found out right away that there are oriental items! I've already made oriental chests plenty of times. But I don't know how to make anything else oriental. On top of that, I'm not sure if any oriental structures spawn... I've never found anything anywhere! Are there oriental structures you can stumble across? Will my oriental dreams ever come true? Hmmmm...
  5. Hello everyone! One of us died while sailing around in the sea - somehow his spawn changed since that. We are currently not able to find him anymore, because we don't know on which yland he is. Did anybody else experience smth like that? Any possible solutions maybe? Thanks in advance Greetings!
  6. TheUrbanSquatch

    Setting new Spawn point

    Would it be possible to have it so that when you make a bed you could make it so that becomes your spawn point? Many other games have this option and it is quite handy. Thanks
  7. So, my friends and I started playing this game earlier today for about 3 hours straight. We love the game so far and plan to play more. We decided to just make a couple rafts and explore, just to see what it's like to set out into the open sea and just get a feel for the exploration in the game. We plan on potentially restarting because we clearly weren't supposed to make some rafts and start exploring so early in the game. Anyways, after getting to a new island, looting the new buildings there and trying to find out what everything does, we wondered what would happen if one of us died? Keep in mind that we just started exploring without a map or taking note of the exact direction that we were headed in, so if one of us died and we spawned back on the spawn island, would he be separated from us until we started up on a new world or is there a way to set a spawnpoint. We made some beds, but it says that we can't sleep in multiplayer and we aren't sure if it would set our spawn if we could sleep in them. So back to my main question, can we set spawnpoints in any way? Also, we are trying to play the game with as little outside knowledge as possible in order to get the best experience of being stranded on an island and having to learn how to survive, but we felt like this was a big question that needed to be asked. Thanks!
  8. Jeania

    Death Issues

    Okay, I spent days building a 'great' ship... And then I died. No clue where my ship went, I didn't have a map yet (not that it'd of done any good as you lose your stuff when you die). There really needs to be a way to spawn near your 'stuff' so to speak. Perhaps spawning on the bedrolls or beds... or at least some sort of 'you died on this island, you rez on this island's rez spot'. lol I don't even know if I want to go hunting for everything... I lost a heck of a lot Please, please...look into this?