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building and removeing structures



i did play around a little with the buildingblocks and such. in exploration.

i'm not sure yet how muh i like the solidify mechanic. it certainly adds to the challange the game poses to me, on the other hand it doesnt encourage experimentation that much.

one example was with ship building: wanting a ship that looks "right" or even cool, but also was more or less efficient. i tried different spots for the two different masts, different orientations and such. everytime i had to hurry for a look from the distance, a short try how it moves and then dismantle what didnt fit my tastes. for this the 3 minutes are a bit tight.


building on land was a very different experience: its a bit hard to guess how big a buildingblock is atm. there are some indicators with the required resources, but maybe there could be another hint, a size letter like the log and massive log has one?

so i started to build with those small single block thingies. really like the "autorepeater" if building in the same directon. but then i missplaced a block and had to remove it (for the floorplates to fit). this was a horrible thing. i bashed it with a stoneaxe, then a iron axe, then the p-axe. something that show at least IF you damage the block would be cool.

the final step was a bundle of dynamite.. i used those before, on dirt/rock mainly. so i thought that the stonebricks should go away too. well...

i expected that most of the stonebricks and floorplates would be destroyed, but only the single block i wanted removed actualy was (which finaly proofed, that one of the axes did damage it). i also expected some collateral damage too, but was then a bit surprised, that the stoneblocks between dynamite and dirtground didnt block damage much (or at all?). surely a funny end to a bit of a frustrating remove-action.


from other sandboxers, i'm used to be able to move around my craftingtables. mainly to put them into a house after its built or something similar. i was a bit grumpy about that first, but most craftingstations are cheap to build, so that fine for me now. only exception is the blacksmithing station, those 10 leather make the difference. (okay it was one out of ten islands which had very few animals, most of which were panthers, whose pelts a bugged). 



- i would like to have the solidify timer to be a bit longer, especialy for ship related stuff.

- i would like to see if i damage a block and idealy how badly damaged it allready is.

- some sort of indicator on how big a buildingblock is would be nice (floorplates are ok). i know i can try them out and explore, but yeah.. :)

- also, that might be a topic which could lead to a new potion. a potion that can make solid items soft again. i'd really, really like that and it would probably fix most of my "not so nice" points above. 

- and the last thing is building time.. i admit that this is mostly because i'm a lazy dude, but it would be more exciting to see a project take shape faster. i'm a big fan of building elements that i can stick together, not for fences or similar stuff, but for walls and such.

maybe there could be drawingstation, where we can make blueprints for bigger elements (like a wall or roof) and place it in one go. (stonehearth has something like this e.g.)




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These are all great points, I also love building in this game, but it is very frustrating to have mistakes become permanent. 

A special tool or potion to "soften" placed objects would be ideal. Or perhaps a 5-10 minute cool-down instead.

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Is there a limitation as to why you can't move a placed object ie furnace or blacksmith block in case you modified the surrounding area at a much later time and want to place those object in a better location.

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