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Dear Devs, this is really important IMPORTANT! INCREDIBLE BUG??


Hello There,

I just started a new game, I moved Ylands and Steam to my SSD HD. All my games are on standard, fast HDs, but most of the games are using SSD (just C: HD to save games - this is bad, especially, because my SSD is old and it's only 120GB big. Most games are using savegames only to read it once, but I suppose Ylands works differently - world is created in SaveGame folder and constantly modyfied, am I right?). Pre-release Ylands was using C: drive, Users AppData folder. In most cases it's on C:, so usually it was on fastest HD people were using if they had more than one disc. I was thinking about my performance for weeks, because I received no answer from Devs nor other Ylanders... And then struck me few things:
First: Why pre steam version was much more stable and faster than steam release? Answer could be - there was much less islands and these were smaller... Yeah, possibly, but then... why game was faster even if map was just the same - small?

Well, I have only one, old SSD disc used for system only, but it was worth trying, right? At first I moved only Ylands game files, because moving savegames alone was impossible via Steam nor editing "remotecache.vdf" (I hoped I can change paths to my savegames manually - well, I tried many ways - it didn't work. So, because by default new Ylands versions are saving worlds to Steam UserData folders, I decided to move Steam do my SSD. This is very bad idea for my system, but it's for science. :)

Before I continue, I beg you once again - let people choose "save as" and let us choose HDs we want. Ylands is not using simple savegames, but it's creating whole map and world as a save game, so, performance is crucial. And, well, most of the people have old system... Even older than mine.

I wrote that many times, but I bet noone was reading it, so I'll repeat my specs: AMD Phenom II x4 965, 3.40 GHz - (I know, ten years old cr.p), 8GB DDR3 Corsair - super RAM (as for 2008), ATI Radeon HD 6850, 1 GB VRAM.  Win 7 PRO, with all last updates installed (yes, with cheating, because Win 7 isn't updated anymore for years). Yeah, time to buy a new system, but it's not an option for me. Radeon settings in Crimson are set to performance - everything is off. Ylands is set to low, but resolution is 2048x1152, but 80% scale (so, game is 1600x.. yyy... I forgot). VSync is off. Dynamic weather off. Details at middle, FOV 40-45%.

And now to the point: I disabled all soft in background, all servicer, all antiviruses, firewalls, system parts I don't need and so on. I set Steam and Ylands to "run as administrator", but the most importantly - After I moved Ylands to SSD - nothing changed at first glance. So, I moved Steam also (reinstalled), so all savegames would be again written to my SSD. I started the game and... a miracle! Game was working at 30FPS (I set 30FPS cup) with moments slowering up to 25FPS, no "spikes" for now...

And now the best part:

I set the Radeon to: "Vsync always on, unless application......"... and I set Video in Ylands to Vsyns... and.... (cup is still 30FPS)... I have constant 60FPS with spikes as low as 40FPS!!! 

Well, it should be a bit of tip for Devs! :) Happy New Year...!



      removed EVERY soft I'm not using lately.

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I checked again - When I set my Radeon HD 6850 1GB VRAM in Cromson to "Vsync always on" and Ylands Video Setting is "Vsync off" with FPS cap 30 - it's 20-25FPS. But, when I set Ylands to "Vsync on" with the same settings (Radeon set to "Vsync always on") and Ylands Video Vsync set to on and FPS cup set to 30 - Ylands (your own FPs data after hitting "~") is constantly around 50FPS - mostly around 60FPS. Spikes are dropping to "only" ~25 in ma case, which is - great! 

It is possible howether that your stats are wrong... Vsync is clearly off, but... I have no spikes yet and I cannot see clear frame drop. My usual Ylands frame rate is 9-25FPS, so it's usually clearly visible...

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