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Savegame gamebreaking bug


Hello again...

Last time I decided to wipe out my system just to run Ylands "as clearly as possible". I couldn't move only savegames/worlds to my SSD HD, so I moved Steam to my SSD. Now, Ylands it's working on my best drive only. Howether, even after integrity checks something went wrong... After your last update I cannot save the game with "F10" - that was a problem I was reporting few times before. I had problems closing Ylands, because of "constant savegame in the process", but now worst scenario happened. If I choose to "return to main menu" I have info: "game will be saved", but it isn't!!! I realised that Ylands is saved only after "auto-save", F10 doesn't work and "return to main menu" ISN'T SAVING MY GAME!!! So, for now he only way to save my game is to leave Ylands for at last 10 minutes and then "return to main menu". This is most annoying... (not mentioning crashes). Please, tell the genius who decided to remove F10 save game option - I'll find you, I'll force you to drink two liters of vodka, strip you naked and let you sleep in the park. you should understand F10 problem then. ;)

That was me, again,


P.S.: Pretty please, do not make cosmetic, stupid "improvements" in the alpha stage!!! Especially in single-player modes! Where is the problem with custom save-games?!?! If you are planning achivements and "medals" for survival games hardcore gamers - just block people like me from receiving any achievements - I don't need them! For me Ylands is fantastic, relaxing game I do not have to worry about anything (yes, some custom scenarios do not allow me to retrieve my map or even there is no grave floating on the see - I hate it), howether - if you are not sure if you want to make creative, relaxing game with crafting, survival and building possibilities or hardcore survival or multiplayer - just, pretty please, let people choose... Let me cheat in singleplayer (save game is cheating?? Ok - mark me as cheater in sinleplayer - take my gold idols back! [you've take away my skull collections and skeletons already - I hope you will let me mod the game in a future]. I understand hard rules in multiplayer - yes, I'd like to play multiplayer too, if it will be relaxing, friendly game (yeah, I want enemies too, I want to build house and defend it, but... if I want to build great castle and spend months on working - I want to be in other type of game... (yeah, mosty like Second Life? Yes, it is very, very bad ... game??) - no, I do not think killing your friends would be banned! No! We have games like Second Live - good start, but... it's... well... Allow us to build our own Wild West towns, allow others to attack us (if we want action games - I suppose some people prefer to build their own worlds - no wars, no angry friends ;) - just building - superb too.). 

It's my opinion, but... don't be like most of developers - don't force anyone to do anything - just let us choose! If you want deahmatch - let us set that server... If you want only building stuff - no fights - let people use different servers... If you want to build, survive, steal or kill and make living of being part of it - let them do it!

But above all - please, make this game fully, I mean FULLY moddable and customisable... Noone made even similar game before. I know - financial problems are big problems... But:

1) I'm a bad person, i do not buy game I cannot try. And demos, trailers are usually cheating people.

2) If you allow people to mod game in most if not all aspects - they will buy it for mods - take a look at Total War series (I'm talking TW, because I know that title and I used to love it). Developers stopped to work on fixes long time ago, so, even very old games doesn't work anymore. And... they never helped people to make maps, scenarios, proper mods - as for me series died. Don't repeat this shamefull display.

3) I know you are planning to make Ylands fully modable game, but, please - every developer is saying that and then it appears to be a lie. when you release the game - release al editors, all data formats, allow add models and convert these. I think Bohemia made games so important and so versatile that I do not have to be affraid, but... It's worth to remind you.

All The Best,





All The Best!



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