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Dear Server. I realize that this game take my soul. Open world and unlimited.
My idea to make fun, I would something new like to have pets, a Submarine, airplane and Coal engine for ship.
Pets, just the creature in the game. catch them by trap and don't let's them go or kill them, just feel them, until it become friendly, by progress like get a horse.

Submarine just like a ship, I have nothing to mention.

Airplane, hmm, I think it is strange, but an airplane land on water maybe nice, emergency eject with Parachute. Owsome!!!! 

Coal engine for ship make moving more faster.

I really enjoy this game. I hope I can see them in Next Version, like Ylands 1.0.0 :D

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This game has my soul too, so I will try to answer some of your questions. ;) 

Pets are definitely a planned feature to be added in the game. And they recently reworked the AI, so who knows? :P

I have a feeling that the devs stated that more vehicles beside the ships and cars are planned. Judging by the amount of request about submarines and airplanes, I guess that those could be added somewhen in the future. :D

I recently built a ship so I know how slooow these things are. xD So I like the idea of having some engine. I don't know if it would be a coal engine (but just imagine the steampunk and Ylands combined. That would be awesome!) but I'm looking forward to see the different car parts, so we may learn there something about the motorized future of this game. :) 

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