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I do not know what we have done, but the game has broken for me, not for other players though.

I've built a ship and made cannons on it, while using a cannon, I suddenly got stuck in the ships hull. I tried /unstuck 0 and that made things worse.

I cannot move, even after a relog, I am in the same position. I think we found a pretty critical bug. I am not sure if that's something you're interested in seeing logs from, or even joining the server and try and use the ship yourself. I just crashed the game for another player as well.

Seems like I've made the ship of doom! :)

If someone wants to see the bug in real life, I'll gladly give you our server name and password.

After getting stuck, we managed to get free with /unstuck 0, but could not move from there until getting killed. Going over to the boat, will get you stuck again, just by being near it.

For some odd reason, the VOD is not visible on the streaming page, I've asked support about it, cause everything was recorded. When I have the VOD, I'll post a link here.




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