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Digging with broke spade (probably pickaxe too - I saw it on YT too)



I thought it's very well know bug, but it seems that devs are not reading all posts (I'm not surprised - I understand), so I'd like to add few bugs which are obvious for most players, I think, but all of them think it's well known bug or they think it's as it should be?

1) When you dig with iron shovel and shovel break - it doesn't matter, you can still dig, you can dig forever.

2) There is a big problem with punching. I realised I'm not the only one who clicks left instead of right mouse button and the opposite. I guess it's very common. Problem is - it will happen - we are humans after all, but problem is - it's enought to punch meat/seeds/seedlings/hide/planted seed once to destroy it forever. If you plant many - it hasppens all the time. If you fight animal or hunt if you are not carefull - one hit too much and your precious meat will dissappear, hide will turn into rags and planted plant will turn into dirt - very annoying - again. Please, change at last hits to 3 instead of one! Why 3? Because usually our hero hits twice with one "attack click".

3) If you hunt birds in the air in most cases feathers and meat dissappear at all, sometimes I can see these falling down, but... they fall underground. I realised that if I kill bird on the ground, feathers and meat mostly will be here (except for high slopes... Sometimes feathers and meat land below the ground - straight into the center of the Earth). I also realised that if I hit a Vulture near me - I can find meat and feathers, but if the bird is hit behind a hill (so, I cannot see where meat lands) meat and feathers dissappear forever.

4) If you hunt wild animals from very long distance animals do not react at all and die, but if they are so far, so you can barely see them, they will die, but there will be no hide and no meat at all.

5) I hope it's a bug, because it would be to harsh (it would be ok if you plan to make few Exploring Mode Difficulty Levels) - if I'm dead I can find my grave and items. In normal bioms it's possible, but in arctic biom it's really hard - polar bears are very aggressive and powerful - it's ok, but... if I'm killed again... I'm probably loosing all my previous graves and I cannot retrieve my stuff anymore? It's good idea for hard mode or something, but for relaxing mode I like in Ylands it's  very, very bad idea. Why? I like to play for fun, relax and calming nature of the game. If I die I laught and try to retrieve everything I lost and I'm proud of every testament I have... But... 

Second die is more probable than the first one - first of all - something that killed you is still there, second thing is - my best armour and best weapons are in my grave. At the beginning of the game my best armour and weapons nd tools are usually treasueres I've found...  and found items are in most cases very rare and IMPOSIBBLE TO CRAFT, so you loose precious things forever... Please, Because there is no difficulty level yet and all items left of the ground are always there - why they are dissappearing, when I'm dead again!? They should be there as left logs, flowers, shells and all other stuff... If you really implemented second death as destroyer of your progress (well, in short it is start from the beginning and no chances to find lost items again), you force al players to drop everything behind before any dangerous situation or... during mortal combat... - not very nice.

6) I understand you removed gutting from the game, it wasn't pleasant. But killing animals now in the game shows children that "killing animals isn't wrong at all - you've got hide and other bonuses and animals aren't real. Men, this is really wrong education at all! I understand you are trying to follow some idiotic regional law demands, but it was much more sad story to see crab you killed by accident or goat lying dead. You felt sorry and it was good. Now it's just meat and hide. Let's kill animals! - This is what I call "wrong". Rethink it. Dead animal lying around after being hunted was graphically nice, animations where great and I felt really bad if I killed animal by accident. Gutting was unpleasant - but it should be, in fact it should be even more grusome to make people feel bad. Especially after you see goats moving towards you, bunnies playing around and so on, but ok, I understant some old politician f@#s decide - remove the gutting, change it somehow (well, let's say - hit it again and it will leave you hide and meat?), but do not remove animations and skeletons. In what country skeletons or crab upside down is "wrong" and killing people and animals is "politically correct"? Maybe you should ban idiotic countries for now and make versions for them later? 

BTW. Sharks are big and dangerous (but in real live they are not - so, it's bad education again) and if we beat them we have only meat. This is wrong. At last make it more meat.

I think it's enought for tonight...

Have a Good Night, Everyone!




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