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Moving/Taming Animals


Specifically goats and boars. Tho bunnies, birds, and crabs are interesting possibilities.

If I wanted to push a “domesticate-able” wild animal into an enclosure to “farm” it, as the game currently stands is near impossible.

I think a little animal logic could be inserted, so that perhaps with certain items an animal could be made to move in a more player directed path.

Simply: Maybe if you hit a goat or a boar with a stick it’d run directly away from you for 100 yards..

Another possibility: If ropes were altered to be in game tools they could be made lasso-able, maybe goats or boars (think boats and horses too..) could be caught and then pulled that way. Or tied off somehow.

Or maybe poles could be further crafted by adding string and truffle to entice boar. Perhaps a pole with a string and a can (blacksmith craftable) could move a goat. Possible string and carrot for the bunnies?? Pole and net (butterfly net) for birds or frogs? Fish to lure crabs?

That brings a further suggestion to mind. Cages? For bunnies. birds? and crabs. Maybe bait them?! I figured big square cages 4x4x2 high, like lobster pots... But if there are tropical birds (which I don’t even know..) maybe a domed bird cage?

Ultimately I was just looking for a way to pull or push the goats and boars into a more farm like setting. Just for kicks. Plus it’d be nice to get some of them unstuck from the player made holes which they seem to love getting cornered in.

Good luck! I’m not looking for a farming simulator, just a little more sustainable meat/leather source. Or at least I think it’d look cool to “domesticate” (trap) some island wildlife.

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I changed the font to make it more readable, hope you don't mind :)

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