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KNOWN ISSUE Basic bug when Building on Ships


When building on a ship or large ship, the basic hull sways with the action of waves. When you are placing elements on the ship to build it out, they also follow this wave movement, not the movement of the ship, and so when they are placed they do not align with each other -- they are slightly off-axis from one another.

The more complex the construction on the ship, more and more of these slightly off-axis elements are created, until it becomes very difficult to keep any semblance of axial placement. Trying to place an element can cause massive stuttering as the item tries to align itself with all these slightly off-axis elements which are already in place. Building on the ship becomes a jitter-fest. There are slight gaps and unevenness in decks and in the cabins, and railings are a bit wonky and generally nothing really fits together as it should, simply because of the wave motion interfering with placement. 

And  once you are finished building, moving your character around in the ship creates stuttering motion all the time, because it is reacting to the dozens of slightly off-kilter axes created by all these slightly off-axis build elements.

So, all that said, what you definitely need to implement is some way to stop the boat from moving while building is going on, -- it can be as simple as the anchor is lowered when the hull is crafted, and the ship therefore does not move until the anchor is raised.  But something needs to be done about this, as it makes the whole ship-building part of the game a nightmare.

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