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I made a trimaran in the editor. When I placed the ship ingame most parts of the ship turned out white. I went back to the buildingspace I made for the editor and recolored it. (I did not take a picture of the ship at that time because I thougt I made something wrong. It was my first try making something in the editor.)
Second time I placed the ship ingame, after recoloring it, some parts where still white as seen on the picture below. I recolored the white parts again but this time in the ingame part of the editor and now the colors stay as they are suposed to be.

Also one side of the trimarans new parts did not attatch properly. It's the part closest, where I marked each separate item, that did not attatch to the ship. The part on the other side looks thesame and there it works good. I solved it by making a katamaran out of my intended trimaran.


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