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Bird Hunting bug - detailed



So, well, once again I travelled to my Vulture Yland to see if bug I've found is real. This time I had rifles, crossbows, war axes and so on. I tried all methods and all the time results were the same except one situation, so:

1) I realised this first time when I managed to hunt Vulture in the sky: nothing was left by it. I tried many times to be sure, I also tried to hunt seagulls. I tried all weapons and both animals. Also: I tried it when animals were on land, in the air, below water (yes, birds can be found flying below water) and all variations possible: birds walking under water, bird glitching/spawned into the slopes (under and above water) and so on. I wasn't hunting pinguins and I do not like hunting at all for well, for my sensitivity/humanly reasons, I feel it's wrong (and yes, I'm the same guy who tries to convince you to give us back killing animations/gutting and bones).

So, results are always the same:

a) If a bird (any bird) is on the ground (with the exceptions of animals being trapped in high slopes) - it will leave you meat and feathers. For example - if you set baits - it will work.

b) If you hit bird in the air, but close to you and ground between you and the bird is flat - you will seemeat and feathers landing - with "boom!". ;) And it will be mostly there.

c) If you hit any bird above water - in most cases (95%) - there will be nothing left.

d) If you hit any bird above ground, but terrain is'nt flat or there is an obstacle between you and the hunted bird - bird will leave nothing.

The only way to hunt Vultures and Seagulls alike is to set a trap and hunt them on the ground or to use propeller and fly almost directly above them, above ground or very shallow waters, so you can clearly see when the meat should land. And only then you will find meat there.

I hope it will help to find a bug?


Thank you for the great game!

BTW. I started my idea to make it possible to play Yland in cheapest VR possible. If I succeed - I'll contact you, so you could add another FREE option to your great game! :)


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