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Server Load/Login Freeze times Terrible


This is more of a technical issue, rather than a bug.

After doing some research, joining different servers and such, there is a big gap of waiting...

Lets say you want to join a server that's well established, been around for awhile...

(Example, my server) here is the break down of times per handshake event

Establishing a Connection: ~5-10secs

*There is a very long pause here looking at blue sky...( ~35s-40s of nothingness.. many would think server has lagged/crashed )

(During this time, people on the server, are frozen in-place, which makes a lot of them disconnect/frustrated/blaming me for bad server)

Start of downloading data: ~45-50sec

* this part is dependent of servers data ( ~15-20secs, could use improvements)

Start of loading data: ~1:05m-1:10m

Seeing your Character in-game: ~1:15m--1:20m (this is fine, computer dependent)


Please have a look into this, especially the part of "nothingness" at least..

would be great to eliminate all of that time.

PS: This is a DS also.

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Yup, I thought I had done something wrong when Inencountered the blank blue sky for the first time. I didn’t realise that new players joining was what caused the other players to freeze!  Freaks me out when it happens, and now I will feel bad when I log in the future!

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