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If this is gonna be a survival game then it should have a good survival experience, these are my suggestions

  • Washing: if you don't wash from time to time then a higher chance and risk of infection from a cut, after a wolf or a panther damages you and you haven't washed in a while you should have a risk of infection. If you do get a infection then there should be a plant that acts as antiseptic then you have to wrap that cut in a bandage or risk getting it infected again
  • Raw Food: you know uncooked food is very bad for health for which it can have parasites, disease, and ETC. Especially pork it is loaded with parasites and disease, such as: Staph infection and many types of parasitic worms, and Unclean chicken can give you Salmonella.
  • Unclean Water: Just as uncooked food can give you parasites and diseases, so can water, it also depends on the climate too, these are a few sub-suggestions I have 
  1. In a Desert Oasis: water should be contaminated, as so do so many different animals drink from it and dirt is filthy rich in it.
  2. Tropical Water: should be clean, depends on if it is stagnant or not, but most tropical water is flowing and moving through streams.
  3. Sea Water: should be clean but why would you drink such salty water, it could dehydrate you really fast so you should first boil the water to make it safe to drink
  4. Forest Water: pretty much the same as tropical water but it all depends if it is stagnant or not
  5. Tundra Water: this water should always be safe to drink for which its to cold for a disease or parasite to live in, so this water is always safe to drink
  • Ways to Clean Food and Water: to make sure food is safe to consume all you have to do is cook it simple enough... right? To clean water just boil it, but i mean you can't just throw water on a campfire and boil it, you have to have something to boil it in. Probably a stone pot, iron pot, clay pot, and copper pot.

But this is all i could come up with, if you have any more suggestions to add please feel free to post them too:D 

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