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Ylands crashes - I have found exact reason why! Devs, please, take a look

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I couldn't stand crashing Ylands and I was reading about my problem whole nights. I think I've found why Ylands crashes. I hope this will help you make a hot-fix or at least find way around the crash for people with the same problem as mine.

Well, starting point is the crash itself. I have old Radeon HD 6870 1GB. I had horrible FPS and random crashes, but after around 20-50 hours of gameplay (depends on explored map and progress... probably ship... it seems) Ylands suddenly crashes (freeze then turn to black and in the bckground Win7 (64bit) gives me this error: "Display driver stopped responding and has recovered". This is random, maybe once a 3-4 hours, but after 2-3 crashes game crashes all the time after loading.

However, I coudn't understand why it happens only from time to time and in 50% or freezes  game "awakes" after even 5-30 seconds later... And then I found out two things. First, that Windows tries to reset display driver if memory is low to save it... (after a while Ylands uses around 4.7GB from my 8GB of RAM - so, it should be ok??) and second one was this:


Well, it seems that Windows sometimes treat Ylands as frozen app and let it wait, but more often decides to "reset" display driver.., just for fun of it. Microsoft even describe how to "hot fix" registry to stop their great idea:


Well, now I can die without regret. Again, fighting sharks.

Best Regards,

P.S. Here you are, LOGs below. I have all drivers updated, system clean, nothing in the background, all run as admin, hardware checked for damages... Everything else works properly.

BTW... Do I need bigger swap file in Win7 if I have 8GB RAM and only 1GB VRAM? Currently my swap file is 8GB on SSD...





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