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Map to buried treasue [suggestion]


This suggestion is for possible future expansion of the game.

The maps found in subterranean passages should be pieces of a treasure map. Assemble say 6 fragments together to find the location of a further treasure. Guarded by a larger end type boss.. And the contents of the buried treasure should be components for an item which takes you beyond what is known, to a father realm of monsters and mystery. For example: part of the treasure could be the essential component for a magical sea clock allowing navigation to a previously unreachable place.

The game currently is quite good. I think the difficulty curve of obtaining components and crafting more complex items (ship, advanced weaponry, electrical stuff) is just right and requires little balancing. I have enjoyed all the crafting and exploring up to the point where I’ve seen most of what the game has to offer. I love the sailing and would like it to be a bigger part of propelling the game outward. The further challenges must be acquiring more and more limited (rare) resources and the potential to see/travel to new areas. Not just further crafting for it’s own sake, I think. I know that this is probably what the Dev’s (most awesome ones) have in mind for future expansions of the game. 

To bring it back: the maps found in the underground should be a provide more of a reward for finding than just something that could and probably has been crafted. This could give reason for searching them out, and build excitement in finding them. 

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