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A list of bugs after the 0.7 update.


- Eating your equipment is still there.

- Flying with the propeller pack is jerky. Movement is like stop and go.

- Hitting with melee weapons is clunky, some hits don't seem to register. While in 3rd person view you could be hitting what is behind you and not in front of you.

- Getting disconnected with 114 network error.

- A tomahawk I purchased from a vendor disappeared while I was hitting a hyena.

- Things dissapear from your inventory, like maps, and there is an empty spot but your inventory is reported as full.

- The map is not working properly. It won't fill in big patches while exploring.

- The map in multiplayer is being erased after you log out. Also, there is not enough zoom out, but I don't know if that is an intended feature or not.

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My brother wanted to play a new map to see the NPCs at work, but he managed to crash Ylands:
Inventory is full, crafted a torch stand, torch stand falls down
He cleans up the inventory, can pick up the torch stand but cannot place it anywhere
Next game day, he wants to feed a campfire he has made on the map earlier.
He feeds the campfire with the torchstand, the game explodes and crashes.
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