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Hello everyone.

Ylands is big in our community (320+ gamers) and we play the game a lot, this post is going to kind of a review / suggestion post for how I feel / wish the game will improve over the next patches:

  • More stability to allow more players on a server, we are hitting user max on a daily basis.
  • Admin teleportation
  • In-game Server announcements (When we need to restart a server, it's great to be able to warn players)
  • More stability to ships (We keep getting glitched off)
  • Fix to map not saving on Dedicated Servers
  • Deployable water (To allow creating lakes on islands)
  • Allow multiple users to use the barricade.
  • Option to allow moving the barricade or crating of 1-2 additional barricaded to expand land ownership.
  • Claim Island (This could be a feature, where the first one to plant a flag on an island, become the owner and can set some rules / covernants - Anyone approaching the island, will be informed of who owns the island and see the info for the island.

This is just some of the idea's and issues I've had while playing the game.

I can't wait to see where this game is heading in the future, we are loving it already!

Let me know what you guys think of my ideas :)

Best Regards



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