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Sad to say - you new sleep idea broken the game completely..


Hello there,

Sleeping doesn't work anymore - what's more - it broken whole game:

1) If you go to sleep time stops - animals do not respawn, eggs do not respawn, fruits do not respawn, plants do not grow - nothing works anymore.

2) Funny thing is - you can sleep forever and you do not need to eat at all. So, last time I slept for almost 14 days and I needed only one roasted banana.


Please, rething your idea of mixing multiplayer with sigleplayer games, because it simple will not work for both. Now maybe multiplayer gamer are happy to see - but singleplayer cannot sleeep - because that makes no sens at all anymore.

Simply - add to multiplayed voting system - if people agree - just skip the time and don't bother looking for bed or sleepeng bags, because in some cases it will be impossible to do - for example if you are exploring artic biom and you forgot your sleeping bag - in multiplayer let people sleep on the ground - we all can lay on the ground already, so, what's the problems? Especially if noone will actually see that!? If you want, let people 60 second (or set alarm) - "in 3 minutes we will skip the time (sleep) - so, go to beds... The difference would be - if you slept on the ground you loose some health (but not die - because you slept in cold/wet environment and if you slept well in your bed - you should receive something - for example extra health or stamina...

Sleeping in singleplayer was very good, nicely done, thought settting sleeping time would be nice to - if you let us choose the time. For now game is broken and sleeping is useless at all.


All The Best,



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