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CANT REPRODUCE [YLD-9046] unityplayer.dll - some problem when starting game


hello, I'd like to post it on forum, but I can't because even this doesn't work.
so, I can't start game. everytime I tryed there's crash and in error log is:

Ylands [version: Unity 2017.3.0p1 (4596dd67072f)]

UnityPlayer.dll caused an Access Violation (0xc0000005)
in module UnityPlayer.dll at 0033:84a6155e.

Error occurred at 2018-02-23_205308.
C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Ylands\Ylands.exe, run by Daniel.
36% memory in use.
8072 MB physical memory [5106 MB free].
9352 MB paging file [6170 MB free].
134217728 MB user address space [134217156 MB free].
Read from location 00000000 caused an access violation.

RDI: 0x62625590 RSI: 0x00000000 RAX: 0x692a6fac
RBX: 0x62625590 RCX: 0x00000000 RDX: 0xe09fe0c0
RIP: 0x84a6155e RBP: 0x00000000 SegCs: 0x00000033
EFlags: 0x00010283 RSP: 0xe09fe070 SegSs: 0x0000002b
R8: 0x85195588 R9: 0x00000000 R10: 0x77757104
R11: 0x00000000 R12: 0x61a1dc80 R13: 0x00000000
R14: 0x61a1dbb0 R15: 0x00000001

Bytes at CS:EIP:
48 8b 01 ff 50 40 8b 54 24 54 48 8b cf e8 a0 cc


Don't know what to do.. any ideas? the game used to work few weeks ago..



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One of our programmers took a look at the logs and didn't see what could be causing the problem, unfortunately. It's in our system, so if anyone finds out what could be going on I'll let you know.

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