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Kristin Mca

[SUGGESTION] Filter Crafting Items


Hi All, 

Something I really wish there was, especially with how many options there are, is to be able to hide certain item trees when in the crafting general menu.  For example, with how much clothing, rugs, clay pots, etc there are, I would really like to be able to filter out items I know I personally will not make.  I imagine it as the last little button along the top or bottom of the crafting general menu, a sort of "Hidden Items" tab that would allow you to hide/unhide things from the crafting.  See photo for what I'm talking about.  I only suggest this because with how many new items get unlocked with each new item found, I like browsing from time to time to see what's new for me to make, but it's hard to find things when  sifting through 100 different clothing items that I have no interest in making, since I already have armor on.  


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