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Account linking issue - names


Hi there!

So those of you with the account linking issue, I need the following information from you:

  • The Ylands Name you want, the one you 'took from yourselves'
  • The Bohemia Account (username or email) you want the Ylands Name associated with - the one you tried to link/transfer to

I'm talking about this issue:

We'll reset your names so that you have the name you chose and your BI account will be linked as well, so no progress should be lost.


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53 replies to this bug / suggestion

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18 minutes ago, ErikaN said:

mmm So looking at this... Could the fact of my other issue ( SEE: BACKEND ERROR FATAL ) here in bugs be connected?

My account should be linked as ErikaN

The name should be Bushi Neko as that is what is linked From STEAM.

The name showing is Fartblaster( some # ) which was done by a kid visiting not knowing better. =/    =P 

Id be happy with ErikaN as a name if it let my YLands work.... 

Yeah it could be, if there where a mistake it must be solved. You don't deserve a name that you cannot like 

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Hi, i recently linked my account in steam to bohemia interactive account, and i have to create a new char, my +9k coins has gone and my purchases too

My old name is Nachowtcp

my e-mail from bohemia interactive is nacho.key12@gmail.com

please help me giving back my coins and my skins, cya thx <3

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