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SUGGESTION: Edible/Inedible option in Editor


There have been several times now where I have wished I could choose if a particular item could be eaten by a player or not. 

For example, turning a normally inedible item such as a shoe into an edible shoe. Why? Because it would be funny and it would open up a lot of opportunities for creating hilarious scenarios.

It would also be good to turn off the edibility of a normal food item in some scenarios. Especially if it is a quest item and you can't afford the player accidentally eating it and not being able to get another, essentially breaking the scenario and preventing progress. The Indestructible option is a good start but it doesn't prevent you from eating it and destroying it that way.


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A feature like this would be helpful if we choose to build a structure using chocolate blocks or cheese blocks.  They have interesting patterns and can look like other materials if painted the right color.  Or perhaps we just want a "Candyland" building made of chocolate and don't want to accidentally eat it.

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