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Hi fellow Ylanders

Stranded on a hostile Yland in the middle of nowhere?
Nasty critters keeping you awake at night?
Are you aiming a little higher for a place to rest your head?

Look no further, find your new home, high up in the trees!


This playerhome has :

  • Multiple floors lifted up in rainforest trees; 
  • Cleaned up interior for decorating anyway you see fit;
  • A (purely cosmetic) cranelift to transport your supplies to the higher floor;
  • A watchtower, to spot your enemies between the jungle branches.


Took me a couple of days to find a acceptable compostion with the amount of trees and space between them. 

I left the interior empty so I could focus on the exterior look of the building.


I got my inspiration for the lift from pictures of Potbot83's crane on the workshop. 
It's 3 wagon wheels and some steel tubes + a lot of patience with the editor to make it look like something credible.
Would be awesome if one day in the future we can add real ropes and hanging objects. But for now you'll just have to pretend it's a real working lift.




To download this compostion, go to the following workshop link:


Feel free to post any toughts, critiques, etc.!
I would love to know what you guys think.





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