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UNDER REVIEW [YLD-11625] Save file not uploading correctly


So my friend and I play in co op with sharegame. When we quit the game, it says 'saving in process' and 'uploading sharegame data' like below:



This I can see till 85% and then this screen comes up, and can't see above that percent:


But if I re-enter the same game just even 5 seconds later the game asks this:


If I click 'Yes' it resumes from where I left. Even if my partner enters, nothing is wrong.

But if I click 'No' it resumes from the last time I quit the game and it saved, like nothing is saved in cloud after I started playing this session.

PS: Internet is really good, so no problem with uploading stuff and if a dev need anything I can help it out. Also if anybody else face same issue please free to comment below.

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Could you please attach the following files? output_log and output_log_clean, you can find them in the directory \Program Files(86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Ylands\Ylands_Data

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