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UNDER REVIEW [YLD-13366] adding soil / sand from container is erratic / not working


Trying to  level an area .. .. the  add  dirt  etc  action  does not want to work   ..especially  at the shoreline..and instead it  forms a layer  on the  water surface...( see screenshot ) ...

Leveling  with a  shovel  sees the soil flatten  but  float in a layer  above the  terrain underneath.

Also   the invisible  ship  bug is  still there,   and also the return of  the  invisible  horse glitch . ( see screenshot)..with the  rider  getting  either  stuck in a spinning  animation  and the rider  partly  falling through the  earth when dismounting.

After  all the hype as to what  0.11 would  bring...  i shudder to guess what  0.12 will contain...:|



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