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terraforming improvement


I propose to improve the system of digging. The fact is that in order to dig an even katlavan or beautifully level the surface on a slope, it is necessary to know well how teraforming works and not to make a single mistake. It is also practically impossible to raise the level of the ground evenly. This is a steep cliff.

Here is an example. I need to level the slope in order to build a house on a flat surface. I can level the slope while the height of the back wall is not very big. After I can not align ...


Then there are three options.
The first:
You can take a bayonet spade and dig straight, but then you can’t see an even slope like your ears ..
You can climb higher on the slope and dig there with a bayonet shovel clearly down and this is the only way to get an even break. But it is worth once to dry up, as smooth lines will not get. Plus, the edges will not be very smooth ..
You can smoothly align layer by layer. dropping to the level when the shovel can level. But it is a separate pleasure to find the right level of alignment for the new layer, not to mention the fact that it is really long.



Maybe I’m a perfectionist and take a prank, but maybe I’ll find those who agree with me

I suggest
1. Make the digging slower. It really doesn’t believable quickly. Huge amounts are dug in one stroke, which leads to difficulties in leveling. Since one movement makes a big hole!
2. Include some kind of binding when digging. So that the amount copied depends on the location of the levels nearby. For example, if there is some kind of protrusion on a flat surface, then the shovel aligns it in accordance with the level at which I am standing. And if such a protrusion is in the vertical plane, then the bayonet spade does not align it to level with the flatness, but makes a hole! It is difficult to explain ... In general, a shovel has a leveling mechanism on the edges. And I would like to see something similar for the bayonet.

That's how crooked I could explain. I just want to be able to dig even holes and cavities.


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