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Aleš Ulm

Dev Diary #54

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Hey there, fellow ylanders.

On Wednesday we released a small patch: 0.11.1. In this patch we have addressed some of the issues you reported right after you played “Peak Performance”, and made some improvements as well.

First of all, I'm happy to tell you that this update brings many new music tracks to the game, while vastly improving some of the existing ones as well!

Secondly, just like other similar games where multiplayer plays a major role, in the Home menu section it's now possible to rent a server (or a server “slot” to be more exact) where you can upload your game. This comes as an addition to options like hosting the game yourself or turning the games into “Sharegames” (which are, under most circumstances, hosted by us for free). Renting a dedicated server slot will provide you with a very secure and reliable service with the server located in a datacenter closest to your area. We believe that many of you may find this convenient, and what’s more - since these servers share the code with what we make available to players, any improvements we make to these servers will be available to those running their own dedicated servers. Those interested in renting a server may find more information at this FAQ.

So that's what happened this week, now let's talk a bit about the future, shall we?

We have started working on several features for 0.12 even before 0.11 was released, and we plan to keep you updated very thoroughly until it’s released. Let me just name some of the planned changes and improvements.

  • multiplayer optimizations (especially related to ships)
  • main menu overhaul (based on player feedback) with a slew of new features such as a better, more logical and more accessible structure, quick game finder, and much more
  • ingame user interface overhaul
  • radial menu overhaul
  • improved hints
  • improvements based on your feedback related to the removal of the first person camera (we will discuss this again quite soon)
  • many camera-related improvements and fixes
  • and, as always, many fixes. 0.11 brought a huge number of fixes and I think it's safe to say that 0.12 will be even bigger in this regard :)

For some time now we were quite focused on the Editor and Visual Scripting. While we will keep bringing new features to the Editor with every single update in the future, we feel it’s time we made some improvements to the Explore mode and the base game mechanics as well. Basically we are working on something that should give you some direction, goal - to make what one could call the “end-game” more interesting. How much of this will be present in 0.12 I can’t tell right now, but I'm pretty sure there will be something for you to notice. :)


Galleon 2.jpg
Ready to go exploring? (Spanish galleon courtesy of  @amoreno1able)


Also, we are planning some changes for 2019 related to how we inform you about everything. So far we've tried to make sure that some features in the games come as a surprise to you. This "secrecy" has often resulted in you, the players, being pleasantly surprised by some of the changes, but at the same time it has opened doors to possible misunderstandings. While there are still some things that we will keep secret (like some features related to the new world that is in the works), we would like to be more open about the development. As a part of that, we would eventually like to provide those interested with access to updates some time before we release them (this will be very important, especially for the creators who will be able to check their creations and provide us with feedback in time).

And finally I would like to let you know that earlier this week we have fully refunded every player who has ever bought any decorations. If you're one of them, all the coyns you spent on decorations have been added to your balance.


That’s it for today. Have a great week, ylanders, and as always - stay classy!


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On 30/11/2018 at 10:44 PM, StoutCrusher said:

@amoreno1able that is an AMAZING ship you have there!

@Aleš Ulm thank you for this information. I look forward to the progression of Ylands.

Wow! I just realised that my ship appears in the devs log!! Wow so much honor i have! Thanks @StoutCrusher I really love the effect appearance of my ship hehe thank you ^_^

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@Aleš Ulm just watched you at #4CPrague Conference. I am really looking forward to the years to come. Loved that you spoke about tough subjects like the Lows of Ylands, and informed us on how the gaming side works, as well as your learning of how to handle and fix things. #Respect #Pickleman

I am posting the link to the video for those that may want to watch it, it's not my YouTube channel. If you are allowed to re-post this video to the Ylands YouTube Channel, I think it would be nice for everyone to see. Thanks, and take care.



* I posted this originally to Dev Diary #53, so I moved it here.

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Of the fixes I missed in the update:  Agave and the healing leaves now go to the herb bag.  This is very cool.  If only the bamboo shoots would stack there.  

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