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UNDER REVIEW [YLD-14127] Dyed identical items


If you have two or more of the same item and each is dyed a different colour, then multiple issues arise.

You cannot place both into the same chest. The first goes in okay, but the second attempts to replace the first but also remains in your inventory. Once that happens, neither the real item or ghost item can be removed from the inventory - either by placing in the world or by putting into a different chest.

Relogging fixes the inventory desynch, but also deletes one of the items.


to reproduce, get two bricks and paint one, say, blue and the other red. The blue one can be put in a chest without issue, but when you try to put the red one into the same chest the red goes in and the blue returns to your inventory. At that point, even though the red is in the chest, you have both blue and red in your inventory and they are stuck there. After relogging, both are gone, leaving just the red in the chest and the blue lost.

i transfer items by right clicking, but I think this also happens when dragging.

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