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World wrapping, sequences of worlds and bioms nice to have


Hello There,

I wrote very long list of improvements and suggestions to make Ylands best open world, sandbox game of all times, but because I do not want you to die of boredom, I cut is to pieces. This is piece one:

1) Wold

It all should be optional for sinlge player and server admins, I talk about my favorite mode; exploring.

-To make it nicer and more funny, in my opinion, you should makde worlds wrapped, around. Ex.: If you move all the way Notrh, you will eventually appear South. Etc.

-Worlds are very small now (I guess it's our memory limits and that most of the world is under water and invisible, I understand it). Also, there is mostly no more than 8, not very big islands. If you built base – it already means you saw everything: every island, every place. That's sad.
Maybe you could make world afer world, like tiles? If you leave one world, it's saved like regular savegame, but you can move back every moment having with you everything you took with you. So, you could appear in new world completely ready for new adventure. It's really easy to do, in fact everyone can do this right now using editor, but... it's not very exciting to load, edit, reload and so on.

In 1.x-ish Yland, there should be an option: “Select universe size/globe size”, for example:
-One world (wrapped or not wrapped, because not all people may like it), 2x2, 3x3,9x9, infinite worlds, or specific size XxY worlds (wrapped or not).

Also, it would be great if we could cutomise whole our world:
-min-max of islands
-min-max average island size
-bioms we do not want at all (just check the box)
-mountains higher or lower (some islands can be with mountans, some without these)
-water level (in general or random in every “world” in specific game with more worlds)
-resources (trees, plants, grass, sulfur, salpeter, coal, gold etc. - more of them or less of them)
-animals (fewer, normal, massive load etc.)
And above all:

-caves – do you want these or not at all – I hate caves! (It would be nice to have few, small, random caves, as most mountains have these.

Additionally, could be made in mods, but It would be fun if we could turn off certain technologies, for exaple: Stone Age ony, Iron Age only, no Ylandium, no steel, no gunpowder. era.. etc.

2) Bioms

But, I miss biomes like these:

-Swamps (hot, wet, crocodiles, mosquitos, stinky water, problems with moving around without rafts - Louisiana type ;) )
-Jungle, with big old trees and lianas (classic movie jungle)
-African plains (almost no plants at all, red soil, rare withered trees and shrubs – but in fact not dead ones – Dogons land type, maybe with elements of Dogon people buildings and masks?)
-Real desert biom (super hot at day, no plants, only sometimes cactus, shrubs, sand, sand, sand and dunes of sand, sand stormes, super cold at night, sometimes nice oasis)

And maybe:
-Steppes, grasslands... flat boring bioms with many animals
-Mixed bioms... just for fun, if easy and possible to do (regular biom, but with some plants/animals/terrain structure from over biom).

All the best,

P.S. As I said, I'm ready to help you full time. I have plenty of time and I have time to think. ;)

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