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Simple, but annoying and important feature during building/freeplacing objects



I'm talking about building in explore game mode, as it's my favorite Ylands mode.

I have to rant a bit about building system in Ylands. Last improvements were great, it's much better, but without FPP it's still pain in the eyes!
Also, without FPP,  I cannot aim correctly and I'm unable to open chest of anything what is close together.
So, please, once again, reconsider return of FPP, at last as console command.

However, this is not main theme of my today's rant. This time I want to talk about freeplacing and grid placing.

You can easily toggle between grid/free placing with one key when you are using bricks, but you cannot do this with any other object - this is really annoying. This is why:

Placing objcects other than usual “bricks” - sticks, stones, plants, fish, planks, just everything is sometimes big pain.
It would be great if you could use the same system, one button toggle (as it is with normal brick placing) to swap from freeplacing to grid placing. Why?
I hoped many times to make fences made of sticks, footpaths made of bark or stones or sheds made of pure planks and poles. It would be much easier if I could use the same system as I can using bricks, logs etc.: just snap to grid! I know, most of the work I will have to do manually anyway, but most of the work will be completed easily.

Why not to treat eveny object just the same? With small exception: bricks, by default, when you select these ar in "snap to grid mode", but all other objects are by default in "free placing mode". Then, with one key I could toggle modes and everyone would be happy...

With Regards,

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