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Adam Snellgrove

Contest Screenshot Contest Week 2 Winner

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What a great week this was! ?

And we have this week's winner of the Screenshot contest with the theme: Relaxation

But before we announce it, thank you, everyone, for participating. Not only do you bring joy and inspiration to our team, but also you represent the ingenuity of the Ylands community and whenever anyone sees these screenshots, they'll be amazed, what can be done in Ylands. Like last week, we're going to announce three runner-ups tomorrow, who'll each get a 1000 Coyn reward, so look out for that ?

But finally first place goes to the amazing zarwil and his relaxing cave screenshot...after being in a shipwreck. Well I'm sure it was relaxing in contrast to being in a shipwreck. Congratulations zarwil and expect your winnings tomorrow ?

Zarwil 2.png

And remember to check on Monday, what the next theme will be and I truly hope the screenshots will be as amazing as this week and last week's. 

Everyone thank you SO much and as always,

stay classy Ylanders!

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Why are these threads so difficult to find? xD

took a couple days to find it last week too, but thank you for this grand award! 

Edited by zarwil
wait but the twitter announcement was today, but it says this thread was posted on friday? Im so confused man...
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