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Igor Q.

RESOLVED [YLD-18843] UI BUG - Get Text


Strange Bug I found.

I set a chain of UI. Where the Button (Player 1 Select) has text (Player 1).

Player 1 Text will be set to online players.

I then try to recall the information using the console function.

Button = Player 1 Select



As I try to click my own name it only shows up as "TEXT".


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3 replies to this bug / suggestion

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@Igor Q.i tested something. Probably you've already too.

Well, i'm not using child nodes. Which doesn't make sense, because custom UI should work with parents and childs (like Unity3D does), affecting the proper functioning of the window. But I think i got a go around of the problem.

So, move the text outside of the button parent. In my case you see that the Image is the "parent" and has 2 childs: button and text.
The text is NOT child of the button. As i said before they need to fix this.


Then the script for custom window logic


Yes, I know this is not practical, but it works.

They need to fix this for us :D


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