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Adam Snellgrove

RESOLVED [YLD-18902] Can't upload editor maps


Bug reported originally by Bobbi:

I have tried to upload editor explore maps and it is impossible for me.

I create the map, then /exportlocal.  So I can open it locally.  I can even host it.  What I can't do is make it into any kind of .ylandgame that I can upload to our private servers.  

I have tried uploading it to the workshop, but all that did was put my map out there for random people to download and play.  It did not result in a map that I can put on our private server, nor could I ever get back into the game I downloaded and started.

As it stands now, I can't use these maps.  Thus they can not be used on P1 gaming servers.  I will stand down and wait for either an explanation of how to make them work for private servers or a fix.  My players are leaving, and I'm not far behind them.


aka bbcakes

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And have you turned on 'World Saving'? It's in Game Settings -> Common Settings - > World Saving. After that it should be creating the .ylandgame saves. Also the preferred way to do it with Dedicated Servers is by using a game template, which can be exported as described here:


But if neither of these options work, please let me know and we'll try to figure something else out.

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