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In-game controls

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Dear Ylanders,

Here is the list of the current keybindings for Ylands.

If you want to check them in-game, all you need to do is go to Configure (either in the main menu or once you are on your yland already) press Controls and then Controls Setup.

If you wish to rebind the controls, click on the action you want to rebind and press a new control for said action. If you want to revert the changes, press Default.


Actions and movement

RMB – Primary action (pick something up, eat)                              LMB – Secondary action (smash, place blocks)        

– Drop item


W – Move forward                                                                          S – Move back

A – Move left                                                                                  D – Move right

Space – Jump // Respawn after dying


C – Switch camera (3rd person / 1st person)


Enter – Open chat

UpArrow – Check older messages in chat                                      DownArrow – Check newer messages in chat


F12 – Take screenshot                                                                    Shift + F12 – Take supersize screenshot



 Tab or I – Open / close inventory



P – Toggle placing mode

F – Choose rotation of block


RMB – Change direction of rotation                                                 JK, L – Rotate block


G – Reposition block


RMB – Change direction of repositioning

Q – Place block higher                                                                     Z – Place block lower

LMB – Place block                                                                           RMB – Take block back


LMB – Primary action

F – Change mode                                                                            G – Change shape

K – Make it smaller                                                                          L – Make it bigger

H – Change material



LMB – Define area of selection + primary action                             RMB – Revert action

F – Change mode



LMB – Make items disappear



LeftShift – Dive                                                                              Space – Rise


Space2x – Enable / disable fly mode

Space – Ascend                                                                              LeftShift – Descend



F3 – Dance 1                                                                                  F4 – Dance 2

F5 – Dance 3                                                                                  F6 – Gesture 1

F7 – Gesture 2                                                                               F8 – Gesture 3

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How can I delete a keybind I don´t want to use?

As a lefty person, I use Keypad keys for movement, I can rebind movement to keypad keys, however, keypad keys are used by default as secondary keys for "Activate hotbar slot 1-10" , and the default binding don't get deleted when I rebind them, so there is a conflict (marked in brown), and when I'm playing, when I am moving in different directions, my hotbar slot changes.


How can I solve this? I don't know how to delete a binding to avoid conflict, also I can't fint the configuration file where the bindings are stored.




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unfortunately, it's now impossible (at least in an easy way) to set the secondary key binding to "nothing" - we'll take a look at that so that it can be done in one of the future updates. Maybe you could try setting one of the unused keys as a secondary binding for all the hotbar slots and assign the keypad keys as the primary or secondary movement bindings?

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