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Adam Snellgrove

1.2.2: Easter Fun!

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New Assets

Easter eggs decorations
Chocolate eggs
Chocolate rabbit
Easter bread
Sweet roulade
Easter lamb cake
Easter car composition
Easter rabbit costume



[YLD-23010] Tweaked: Default in-game editor playtest profile is now PC.
[YLD-23094] Fixed: Editor: Fixed an issue where you couldn't export a scenario which belongs to a deleted game set.
[YLD-22224] Fixed: Editor: Projection tables should not be deletable in the editor
[YLD-23097] Fixed: Editor: entity templates did not support NPCs with item in hands with custom particles
[YLD-22690] Fixed: Editor: Animated trigger zones listening to "any player" get triggered by NPCs
[YLD-23038][YLD-23042] Fixed: Editor: non-unique items created in 1.2 could have been handled as unique one and it break some features (new export to workshop will be needed if you exported game in 1.2, 1.2.1 to workshop)
[YLD-22643] Fixed: Blueprints: Client has a collision with blueprint ghost.
[YLD-22527] Fixed: Blueprints: Blueprint build preview collides with players/vehicles
[YLD-22381] Fixed: VS: scripts on fire-based entities could caused an error when setting them to fire
[YLD-23052] Fixed: Having a gamepad with bad deadzones should not interfere with placing blocks in Genesys anymore
[YLD-23000] Fixed: It should get dark when the player is inside a cave again
[YLD-22831] Fixed: Some older saves/compositions/scenarios having broken ship parts (mast/anchor/helm/wind indicator).
[YLD-22493] Fixed: Multiplayer lobby was showing server name instead of scenario name.

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I found all five eggs!


Also, the group can't be empty glitch is still there.

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27 minutes ago, jar.janca said:

Nelze mi vzít modré vejce :( y.thumb.jpg.b46f1f76610723002c9811a8427e78f2.jpg

Podíváme se na to, ale oni se stejně 1x za den resetujou, tak snad půjde vzít zítra ?

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