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Bug in latest version and missing details


Hello There,

I'd like to shortly list minor and major problems with the Explore game. I'm playing for 1000 hours now, onoly singleplayer, only explore game. I justy don't like other modes:

Major Problems:
-Please, implement "pause" in singleplayer game (I'm constantly dying of starvation of killed by animals everytime I have to make tea or answer the phone - it's annoying). I understand it's a problem in multiplayer, but it's not a problem in singleplayer.

-Special Hammer doesn't work anymore (maybe it works inside the barrier, but it was very useful to deconstruct found buildings and precisely remove annoying ground. Please, make "deconstruction hammer" working as before. As I play solo games only, I do not need barrier, but I have many structures on many islands, so it would be very nice to have it back.

-During digging again fragments of dirt fly in the air... Before I could destroy it with any weapon or hammer - now it's impossible. Please, allow pickaxe or spade or hammer to select dirt above character also to be selected (If I look up, for example).

-Chisel and knife cannot be put in Tool Box. Rest work ok (saw and hammer), except firestarters - they do not work if in the Tool Box.

-"Vincinity" doesnt work if there is something under a plant or grave stone! if you die close to your structure, chests or beds many items just dissappear inside models or below these and I had to destroy everything to find my stuff... This happens very often - usually grave stone make many problems lying above objects and "vincinity" "cannot see" most of the items. Also "vincinity" has problems with objects below our character or above".

-Traders have too small inventory and in most cases I cannot sell anything to them unless I buy as many things as I can from them - so, it's making trade almost useless.

-I'm not sure if it was corrected in last patch, but after first trade about half transactions are "unsuccessful" (I tried many thing, thinking it can be price problem or amount - but nothing helped) - and I'm loosing items I wanted to sell and MPC looses items I wanted to buy.

-sound of rebuilding fires (adding wood) is much, much too loud.

Minor (but important, please, correct it - it's easy to "repair"):

-Shrubs and Tall Grass leaves only one seed. This is problem, because long grass and shrubs are very nice models and could be nice addition to buildings esthetics. Please, make 3 seeds of each - as the rest.

-Many new trees do not allow to gather resin.

-Many new trees and most of the shrubs do not show "name" of the plant as all older do.

-Animals and enemies are too fast, especially golems - but biggest problem is - golems and bears can jump and bit you, even if you are far away and in the air (jumping into water for example). Normally bear or any other animal cannot reach me if I'm 2-3 meters away, but if they jump - they can easily kill me from a distance.

-Some mutant animals are glowing, but many don't - Mutant Hienas do not glow at all.



-When you click twice by mistake or or empty nest - nest is demolished instantly leaving only useless dry grass. Please, make nests as corns, sisal etc: one click to take fethers and eggs and if you want to destroy it - use axe, hammer or any weapon. That would make sens. Eggs are very important in the game...

-Please, make sticks respawn from time to time when close to trees. Also, shrubs, withered trees and bushes, berry bushes should leave at last 3 sticks by default. Later in the game lack of sticks is a problem.

-Please consider mushrooms regrowing in vincinity of certain trees, so we could farm these a bit more. It would be nice if we could make "mushroom seeds" from 1 mushroom + lets say; 3 hay and maybe dirt or clay (water if it will be implemented in game later)?

-If respawning of oysters and starfish is too hard to do, please consider adding fish traps (made of sticks and rope) and oyster traps/farms (made of ropes and something) to the game.

-You can make fishing much more interesting by adding some more different fish to catch and from time to time old boot, chain, rags or more useful things like golden key, pistol etc...

-Please, consider respawing of starfish, oysters and the spiky things.. ;)

-Please, make default-starting island optional - with only 7-8 islands this one map makes big difference.

-New building method allows to move block up and down (let say Y axis), but not X and Z axis anymore (or I'm doing something wrong). It's very hard to fit bloks accuratly.

-Please... make running a bit faster at the start of the gsame it's ok, but when you start to build something it's game-breaking. The same problem is with swimming and breath - it would be nice to have 50% more oxygen...

-Please, add again glowing mushrooms to some caves.

And small rant:

-Please, add birds to the game - it make big difference adding so much live to the game and making game more immersive.

-Please, make water flowing again and allow digging under water. It would be nice to be able to transport water in buckets and drop it as you can do it with soil...

-Monsters spawning from nowhere are annoying... If I turn around usually I can see monster showing up. Maybe you could make X monsters at night leaving caves or emerging from water, but if I kill them all I shouldn't meet more of these...

BTW... Sometimes horses in a distance are walking on two front legs. ;)

With Kind Regard,

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