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Treasure Vault

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Hi guys,

I've always had a fascination with gold, riches and ancient artefacts! Whilst playing online is becoming more and more deserted, the positive side of this is that many of the random encounters remain unexploited! As a result of my adventures and NPC trading, I am now swimming in gold! Like any hoarder however, I need somewhere to stash it all. May I present my Dwarven-themed treasure vault!


-The entrance is built into the nearby hillside of my farm.

The whole construction was built on Editor, pasted onto an offline Exploration map and captured as an easy-to-use blueprint. The materials required to construct the blueprint are easy to obtain as most of the stone is generated from burrowing into the hillside! Its almost self-sufficient! Sandstone is used for all the little details and nordic carvings.


-In homage to the great god Neptune! Bringer of treasure!

I was very lucky in my adventures, I have plundered Egyptian Tombs, retrieved ancient Crowns and magical Staffs. I've free-placed golden nuggets over the top of wicker baskets and sacks in order to create the impression of containers overflowing with gold. It really looks great with all the twinkling!



-Eastern View

With every trade I make, more gold comes in, I've had to melt down a lot of nuggets to produce easy to store ingots. It's all locked safely behind an Iron barred door. That way visitors can gaze in wonder -and lust- at my haul!



-Western View

With v1.5 around the corner, this opens up the possibility for visitors to my lands. As such there may be a chance that visitors won't all have good intentions! Therefore I wish to expand the concept of underground construction into a modular format. Once published, this will give Ylanders the ability to build their own decorative underground settlement. I have been toying with modular corridors, halls, entrances and vaults. All of which should be easy to build as the requirement to dig underground will produce the majority of the materials needed.


Let me know what you think guys! I like to see your feedback!



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I really love the free-placed gold pebbles on the baskets and the torches in the vases. The whole thing looks fantastic!

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