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Hello everyone ?

Christal and I are doing a multiplayer pvp game, but we wanted to do something different so this has been the progress these days.

We were very hesitant to make the game single player or multiplayer, so we did a test and it was so fun that we decided to take a chance with multiplayer mode, we will do a little ship battle called ★Tiny Sea★


We wanted a small stage, which we can adapt to its mobile version later and we wanted to avoid vehicles so we created our own.


The idea is to do it for 10 players but that we will decide this week when we have a beta prepared and we can see how it works for everyone.

The menu has been added taking advantage of the stage, and you can also see the players in the game while you choose the ship with which you are going to play.
The menu will only show players who are here, so it will be difficult to see it this way. But we thought it was fun to put them all here if 10 players were on the menu.
You can see here how it has been changing.





There are 2 firing modes, the front and the side, the front can fire a fast bullet or a strong bullet and for the side each mouse button shoots towards each side. As you can see we have done some tests with different ammunition of fire, ice etc but we have discarded them for the moment since they could unbalance the game and it was also necessary to add some effects that could affect performance, instead we will focus on other systems that We believe more necessary such as getting some life or rewards for sinking a ship.
Here I leave some screenshots of the game you can also see the first hud we did in the photo of the crabs.




We hope to have a beta ready that you can play this week.

And we will continue to report our progress here.

If you have any comments or suggestions we will be happy to hear it, thank you ?


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1 hour ago, Bob Salvador said:

if you need beta tester I'm here ;) 

Thanks kiri, it is already a playable version so you are invited to join anytime ?

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That looks really good ? I'd love to try it in this week's stream, but let me know, if you would be comfortable with that, or if you want to wait till it is more "polished" ?

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2 hours ago, Adam Snellgrove said:

That looks really good ? I'd love to try it in this week's stream, but let me know, if you would be comfortable with that, or if you want to wait till it is more "polished" ?

yeah sure hopefully we'll have the beta ready tomorrow. It is already possible to play but we want to complete a couple of things before we can test that everything is fine.
At the moment it is only necessary to be careful with Christal and his crab ?
she is dangerous ...

although it is possible to defeat her?

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Tiny Sea Beta 0.5 


We have already released the beta version of our game, there are still things to do but we already have a basic system that works very well.
Collision effects have been added for the different zones, you can also select your keyboard in the game options.


We had some problems with the camera since if we adjust it to the predefined distance it is possible to increase the distance and have a much greater view of the stage so for an optimal game, it is necessary to set the field of view at 90.
(Access your Ylands video settings to modify it)

The health system has not yet been implemented although you can regenerate some health by sinking other players.
Some parts of the scenario are provisional and may change later.

The beta works both on pc and mobile, although the mobile version has not yet been adjusted for the best playability.


I leave you a video of a small hand-to-hand battle and some screenshots of the progress

Hope you have fun?





Edited by Spyler.X
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Although the crab seems a little OP right now, the score remains a mere coincidence Adam :P



Edited by Christal
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Looks great (and very "polished" as all of your work Christal&Spyler !! )  also its intuitive playable and an awesome idea. enjoyed playing it ?


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Tiny Sea beta 1.0 is available, some have already been able to test it since it has been activated since yesterday.

We changed a lot of things, so this is what we have changed and added to the game this week.

I will start with this heavenly sea full of pirates.
Most of the stage has been remodeled, it has been separated into 5 areas, maintaining the general atmosphere.
Now you can fight your battles in epic places, from a beautiful beach with crystal clear waters, to a tropical jungle full of treasures, passing through a beautiful coastal town and the Tiny Fort in the forest. Or maybe you prefer the central rocky area? this is where the great battles are fought


-the size of the map, the stage is mounted on a 2x2x2 universal map and this is what a player looks like walking around here.

-The player's camera has been adjusted to the standard version of 50, there are two reasons for this.
The first is that we believe that it is unnecessary to disturb the players by changing the settings as even if this allows someone to see the stage at a greater distance, it is a game of skill so it will not affect others.
And secondly for mobile gaming you don't have the ability to set your vision to 90 so you should have the correct vision now.
Personally we prefer the 90 view to play the game on pc so you can change this from the options. You can set your field of view to 90 in the Ylands options and select the 90 camera in the Tiny Sea menu.

-Battle time has been set at 5 min so that it is also pleasant for few players.

-The rotation angle has been reduced to half with which you can have a greater precision to shoot.

-The firing speed of the main ammunition has been blocked, since it allowed to use the instant double click, now the double click button will be slower than the normal click.

-The improvement generation system has been added, now you can find life and different types of ammunition during the game.
These are generated every 20 seconds randomly on the map.
If not collected, a maximum of 5 are spawned at the same time.

These are the characteristics of the different ammunition and improvements.

* Health upgrade: recover 50% health

* Main ammo: (small bullet) deals 10% damage

* Secondary ammo: (large bullet) deals 20% damage

* Fire Bullet: Deals 30% damage. 20% on impact and another 10% from fire effect after a few seconds.

* Ice Bullet: Deals 20% damage and slows the enemy for a few seconds
The ammo type is indicated on the hud, the collected ammunition is kept until the player collects a different one, dies or the game ends.

-The effects of the collision zones have been improved for a better atmosphere, each type of terrain will have its sound and its specific effect, as well as some special collision that you can find.
Every time you crash you lose 10% of life, if you die in a collision zone you will not generate a reward but 1 point will be added to your score of times you have sunk.

-Sink a ship now generates a Tinycoin that you can use to unlock the different ship models, this currency is generated on the map and anyone can collect it.

-Ship selection system, now the ships are locked, when a new player starts the game they will have the first unlocked model in addition to receiving 100 Tinycoins, to be able to choose if they want to unlock the next model or prefer to spend it on skins for the one they already have.
To unlock the skins it is necessary to unlock the first model of each type, this will be the most expensive, each skin will cost 1/4 and 1/2 of that value.

-Access to the menu has been added during the game, now you can press "TAB" at any time and return to the menu if you want to change your ship, or pause the game.
This will take you out of the battle and reset your stats even though you will keep the coins you have collected during the game.
You can return to the game at any time and access as a new player.
If all players return to the menu the battle will end and you can start a new battle by starting again

-The effects on the ships serve as a status indicator, white smoke appears when you have between 20 and 30% life.
Black smoke indicates that the ship has 10% health.
The fire effect indicates that it is taking fire bullet damage as well as the ice effect indicates that it is slowed down by the ice ammunition.
Although this is the case in local mode it seems that at this moment they are not visible in multiplayer mode, we do not know very well why this happens since the map is maintained with a minimum amount of effects at the same time, but we will try to solve it.

-Environmental music has been added for a better immersion, for now we have a more relaxed one for the menu and another for the game that adds a bit of tension.

-The end of the game will now show the score of the battle, the number of times you have sunk and your global maximum score
The winner's name is displayed at the bottom.
The message will also appear to start over before starting a new battle

During these few remaining days, we will continue polishing and optimizing some things, and we will give it a little love for the mobile version and we would also like to have time to add something else.

In any case we would like to say that we have left a lot of ideas behind and beyond the contest we will continue to expand this game, with different game modes and we would also like to work on that version for a player that has been left behind.

And with all this we say goodbye until next week.

Will you be the most feared pirate in Tiny Sea??

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I had played this game its fantastic to play i think about 400 pages of script you had put . Wow well defined prepared games for us . You two people make fantastic games that if a player has a bad mood he gets his good mood after playing your games .Exciting .

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The programming for the multiplayer game always gets complicated, this is a nice capture of the programming for the menu.

And to have giant Avatar what you need is to make very small constructions?

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As I mentioned in yesterday's post we had a problem with the effects on the ships.
We have managed to fix the problem and have updated the game with this corrected.
Now you can see the wake of the ship, the smoke as a health indicator and also the effect of fire or ice damage.
Everything should work fine at this point.
We have also added an adjustment to the score indicator, now it will also compare the number of times you have sunk to establish the positions in the list.

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Some captures of the evolution of the scenario :)
20201207092642_1.thumb.jpg.ee2c9b1859fecd2c8894395727bf1818.jpg 260491730_Sanstitre.thumb.jpg.ccea9f3a4f45d49529c1010baa343f6a.jpg 20201129163041_1.thumb.jpg.c160ed3bc2e2c750ce9ad6e79b0536fe.jpg

Tropicale jungle

The fort in the forest

The beach

The coastal village

Edited by Christal
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It's very easy to get lost in the Tiny bazaar ?
Here is the glimpse of the scale of a ship 

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Hi guys, We have updated with the final test version.
At this point everything should work perfectly, we will be attentive during these days to see that no problem arises.
Tomorrow we will publish more details about the update at the moment I leave you some pics of the programming and how the map has been with all this.?

And in case anyone wonders where the players are, they are living a fantastic adventure in VR?

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Hi guys we now have our full version of Tiny Sea. 

These are all the last things we have added.

-The stage has been completed, the menu view has been adjusted to create continuity, and a waterfall has been added connecting the two locations.



-Now you can get up to 24 different models of ships.
The battle models are adjusted for this view from above.


-The 3 special models have their own main ammunition

The sounds have been adjusted and we have implemented ambient music, there are 3 different ones, one for the menu, another for the battle and another that will sound when the lunar event is activated.

-The Lunar Shell event has been added, it will appear randomly in some games. If someone picks it up, the stage will change to a spectacular night mode until the end of the battle.



-We have implemented a chat in the game that will show who has sunk whom and in what way, since each type of death will be indicated with the different texts.
Also when you crash and die it will be indicated in the chat, it will also show when someone joins or leaves the battle.

The final scores have been adjusted, now the sinking score will also influence the ranking.

For the menu we have made some improvements

Now in the menu you can see the global scores of the players who are here. By pressing the small button next to their name.
Clearly this bad score is from the tests ... ?



The standard camera is now at 50, but you can change it from the game options and adjusting your field of view.



We have added the tips window with some tips and information.


Although you can get Tinycoins by defeating other players, you can also buy some from the transactions button, you can choose the amount you want to change and be the first to get all the models.


And since it is a special month and we want everyone to be able to get the models that you like, we have added a button that will be active during this month, Enter here the code "TINY" and get 7000 Tinycoins to unlock and test some ships.?


As a final point we have tested version 1.5 with this game and everything worked without problems, also the mobile version is more comfortable now.

Hope you all enjoy this game☺️




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Thank you very much Adam to see if this time it is true.?

we have also put a nice cover creating a composition

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The Lunar Shell has the power to bring down a mysterious darkness over Tiny Sea ;)


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On 12/5/2020 at 1:53 PM, Spyler.X said:


The programming for the multiplayer game always gets complicated, this is a nice capture of the programming for the menu.


Woah, and here’s me feeling proud of myself after making a potato change colour!

Exceptional work! It’s unique, charming and a great little time-burner! You’ve got my backing for the win! Great job! ?

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