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[Completed] KnockOut

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Knockout is a parkour game where your objective is to get to the end by maneuvering through and around obstacles. It can be played singleplayer or multiplayer. Hope you enjoy!


A server will be provided running this map until January 14th since parkour is very difficult on a peer-peer connection.




My best time on challenge mode



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I just posted the unprotected version if you want to try the game without lag issues, but you have to be the host.

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Btw, I see someone rated it 1 star. I see this a lot. Idk why people do this but it seems to be a strat or something. I am gonna give it a 5 star rating. Appreciate you making this change so we can enjoy it. 

Great, works well now!

@Aleš Ulm @Adam Snellgrove This game is a great case-study for the issues with BI servers. Try his unprotected game vs his protected. The online version is unplayable while offline is great. 

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