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G'day everyone, long time no see.


Thought i'd test out the new update and so far i'm enjoying it and can see what it could turn into.
I'm just wondering since you've added the amazing chair (mmmm so good), if in the future we'll get containers which can carry certain items.
Like a log crate for all wooden blocks,  etc for a few of the main building resources.
It's been mentioned before and a tool belt of some sorts to help with storage.

Love the new ship mechanic, and how the new sailing/ yland connection is set up :)

Merry Christmas and stay safe.

Be good or good at it x

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Welcome back buddy! Great to see more of the former established fan base return!

They've introduced a ‘Toolbox’ into the game. It’s made from iron ingots and nails. You can store your tools there with exception of a chisel and screwdriver.

Hopefully, Ylands is back on the up and up!

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Good to be back, man oh man! The new exploring.... i'm still speechless... but maybe that's due to lack of sleep due to playing ylands until 12:00pm!
Just wow, anyone who hasn't tried exploring together with other players..... EVEN ON SP MAPS! Like say WHAT!!!!!!

I have 1 question for anyone that may know, how can we build a ship blueprint?
It kinda worked once with only a few missing blocks, now I can't get it to place.
Have a merry christmas, and big tick to the ylands team for getting this game back on track and of course all those hard working people behind the scenes :D

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